Hyperion Helios CDH…

CDH55010Purcell Ayres for the theatrereview
CDH55045Dyson Howells str qtsreview
CDH55046Dyson Hierusalemreview
CDH55049Martucci Respighi orch sognsreview
CDH55056Taverner Western Wynde massreview
CDH55067Britten Michelangelo Sonnetsreview
CDH55075Handel concerti grossireview
CDH55135L Berkeley A Centenary Tribute. Chamber worksreview
CDH55137Rimsky-Korsakov Antar etc. Svetlanovreview
CDH55138Masterpieces of Portugeuse polyphonyreview
CDH55145Monteverdi massreview
CDH55151Gabriels’ greeting: Medieval Christmas musicreview
CDH55152Howells clavichord wksreview
CDH55163Koechlin songsreview
CDH55164Ireland vln sonsreview
CDH55166Hummel str qtsreview
CDH55170Holst choral wksreview
CDH55174Boughton chbr wksreview
CDH55176Satie orch wksreview
CDH55181Chopin scherzosreview
CDH55183Chopin polonnaisesreview
CDH55186Courts of Lovereview
CDH55187VW Wenlock edgereview
CDH55189Beethoven sept sextreview
CDH55192Italian baroque tptreview
CDH55194For childrenreview
CDH55197Chaminade pno wks v1review
CDH55198Chaminade pno wks v2review
CDH55200Rossini str sonsreview
CDH55201Beethoven Brahms pno varsreview
CDH55202R Strauss songsreview
CDH55207Bella domnareview
CDH55209Rachmaninov 2 pno wksreview
CDH55210Last rose of summerreview
CDH55212Festal sacred music Bavariareview
CDH55213Anerio requiemreview
CDH55215Tchaikovsky pno sonsreview
CDH55217Souvenirs de Venisereview
CDH55219Boccherini cello sonsreview
CDH55220Vaughan Willliams Massreview
CDH55221Glazunov pno wks v1review review
CDH55222Glazunov pno wks v2review
CDH55223Glazunov pno wks v3review review
CDH55224Glazunov pno wks v4review
CDH55225Britten Lachyrmae Phaedrareview
CDH55226Ysaye vln sonsreview
CDH55230German 17th cent. church musicreview
CDH55232CPE Bach trio sonsreview
CDH55234Geminiani trio sonsreview
CDH55236At twilight – choral wks Grieg & Graingerreview
CDH55237War’s embersreview
CDH55240Corelli La folioreview
CDH55241Awake sweet lovereview
CDH55242Scriabin etudesreview
CDH55243All in April evening – Glasgow Orpheus Chreview
CDH55245Jones Geishareview
CDH55247Gombert choral wksreview
CDH55248Music for Spanish kingreview review
CDH55249English lute songsreview
CDH55250Locke anthemsreview
CDH55251Arne concsreview
CDH55252William Croft at St Paul’sreview
CDH55253Linley Shakespeare odereview
CDH55256Linley orch & vocal wksreview
CDH55257Draghi Blow odes St Ceciliareview
CDH55258Sound the trumpetreview
CDH55259Weelkes anthemsreview
CDH55260English classical VCsreview
CDH55261Mahon clarinet concsreview
CDH55262Handel Italian duetsreview
CDH55263Beethoven massreview
CDH55264harp of Ludovicoreview
CDH55265Gabrieli ricercarsreview
CDH55266Parry vln sonreview
CDH55268Mendelssohn choral wksreview
CDH55271Dufay St Anthony of Paduareview review
CDH55272Dufay Music for St Jamesreview
CDH55273The marriage of heaven and hellreview
CDH55274Castle of fair welcomereview
CDH55276Morales Massreview review
CDH55277Bruckner massreview
CDH55279Vivaldi arias & sinfonias Kirkbyreview
CDH55280Handel trio sonsreview
CDH55281Spirits of France and England v1review
CDH55282Spirits of France and England v2review
CDH55283Spirits of France and England v3review
CDH55284Spirits of France and England v4review
CDH55285Spirits of France and England v5review
CDH55286Scriabin early wksreview
CDH55287Boccherini d’Astorga stabat materreview review
CDH55288Busnois massreview
CDH55289Garden of Zephirusreview
CDH55290Service of Venusreview review
CDH55291A song for Francescareview
CDH55292Music for the lion-hearted kingreview
CDH55295Study of lovereview review
CDH55296La Rue massesreview
CDH55298Voice in the gardenreview review
CDH55299Grieg str qtsreview
CDH55300Schumann pno sonsreview
CDH55302Linley Song of Mosesreview
CDG55303Purcell Most admirable composuresreview
CDH55304Tchaikovsky Scriabin PCreview review
CDH55307Britten choral wksreview
CDH55309Liadov pno wksreview
CDH55310Schutz Christmas storyreview
CDH55311Arensky pno wksreview
CDH55312Bach cantatasreview review
CDH55313Guerrero massreview
CDH55314Mozart epistle sonsreview
CDH55317Mexican polyphonyreview
CDH55318Rachmaninov St John liturgyreview
CDH55319Daquin organ worksreview
CDH55320Floating cityreview
CDH55321Martinu madrigals setxetreview
CDH55322Glinka Tchaikovsky pno triosreview
CDH55323Gombert missareview
CDH55325While shepherds watchedreview
CDH55326Penalosa missareview
CDH55328Leoninus v1review
CDH55329Pizzetti orch wksreview review
CDH55331Tchaikovsky songsreview
CDH55332Bruckner massreview
CDH55337Medtner Rachmaninov 2 pno wksreview review
CDH55340Guerrero battle massreview review
CDH5534118th cent. English kybd concsreview
CDH55342Saint-Saens cel sonsreview
CDH55343Mackenzie VCreview review
CDH55344Grand tourreview
CDH55347Bach VCsreview
CDH55349Vivaldi Albinoni oboe concsreview
CDH55350Holst Planetsreview
CDH55351Paderewski syreview
CDH55353Grechaninov All-night vigilreview
CDH55354Salve reginareview
CDH55355Haydn songsreview
CDH55357Penalosa motetsreview review
CDH55358Victoria Missareview
CDH55359Music for St Paulsreview
CDH55361Stanley concsreview
CDH55366Poulenc songsreview
CDH55367Palestrina missa Hodiereview
CDH55368Palestrina missareview
CDH55369Brahms str qntsreview
CDH55372Bruckner str qntreview
CDH55373Schelle sacred wksreview
CDH55374Josquin massesreview
CDH55375Handel Water & Fireworks musicreview
CDH55376Victoria massreview
CDH55378Britten St Nicolasreview
CDH55379Hahn chbr wksreview
CDH55380Chopin etudesreview
CDH55381Chopin waltzesreview
CDH55382Chopin polonaisesreview
CDH55383Chopin preludes, impromptusreview
CDH55384Chopin chmbr wksreview
CDH55388Lambert Last summer’s willreview
CDH55385Wolf Italian liederreview
CDH55390Mozart oboe qtreview
CDH55391Chopin mazurkas v1review
CDH55392Chopin mazurkas v2review
CDH55393Knupfer sacred wksreview
CDH55396Rare French wks vln/orchreview review
CDH55401My soul doth maginfyreview
CDH55402My spirit hath rejoicedreview
CDH55412Dohnanyi pno qntsreview
CDH55413Hindemith Ludus tonalisreview
CDH55425Catoire pno wksreview
CDH55432Finzi Dies Natalisreview
CDH55433Grainger Jungle bookreview
CDH55439Vivaldi concsreview
CDH55443Epiphany at St Paulsreview
CDH55444Langlais massesreview
CDH55446Praetorius Christmas musicreview
CDH55450Scriabin preludes v1review
CDH55451Scriabin preludes v2review
CDH55452Victoria missareview
CDH55454Grainger transcriptionsreview
CDH55461Wallace sym poemsreview
CDH55465Wallace creation syreview
CDH55477European Light Music Classicsreview review