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HTGCDBT1 Beethoven sys 1 & 2review
HTGCDBT2Beethoven sy 3review
HTGCD137Moore Velvet ensemble worksreview
HTGCD139A Child’s Christmas. Orchestral Musicreview
HTGCD140-41Parry piano musicreview
HTGCD142Wordsworth T Wilson McGuire piano musicreview
HTGCD145English piano raritiesreview
HTGCD146Brian sysreview
HTGCD151Christmas cantatasreview
HTGCD152Fair hills of Eirereview
HTGCD153Brian sysreview
HTGCD159Jacobs anthology British pno wksreview
HTGCD16420C horn sonsreview
HTGCD165British celebration v4review
HTGCD169Music of the four realmsreview
HTGCD171Satie entertainment review review
HTGCD172Brian sy1review
HTGCD175Joyce’s favourite songsreview
HTGCD179Percy & friendsreview
HTGCD180Kelly orch wks v2review
HTGCD181British celebration v3review
HTGCD184Liszt Beethoven pno sonsreview
HTGCD185Hush little childreview
HTGCD186British serenade 2review
HTGCD194Bach Goldbergsreview
HTGCD195/6Bach Brandenburgsreview review
HTGCD197Ireland chamber wksreview
HTGCD202British pno duetsreview
HTGCD203British celebrationreview
HTGCD204British serenadereview
HTGCD209Mozart sys PCreview
HTGCD210Pitfield chmbr wksreview review
HTGCD211Dickinson orch wksreview
HTGCD212Reflectionsreview review
HTGCD213English choral wksreview review
HTGCD214Organ wks Nthn Europereview
HTGCD215English hpsd musicreview
HTGCD216Tudor anthemsreview review
HTGCD217Oxford anthemsreview
HTGCD218British pno triosreview review
HTGCD219Ely cathedralreview review
HTGCD220Bliss suitesreview
HTGCD221Bliss conducts Blissreview
HTGCD240British songreview
HTGCD245Elgar concsreview
HTGCD246Ullmann pno sonsreview
HTGCD249Coleridge-T Hiawathareview
HTGCD256-7Brian 1st commercial recsreview
HTGCD259Blue clavichordreview
HTGCD263Dickinson Judas treereview
HTGCD264-5Janacek pnoreview
HTGCD266Panufnik sy9review
HTGCD270Brian Tigersreview
HTGCD272Schumann sy3review
HTGCD273Voice of Isobal Bailliereview
HTGCD275English oboereview
HTGCD276Dickinson concsreview
HTGCD277Magda Tagliaferroreview
HTGCD285Kelly orch wksreview
HTGCD286British tenorsreview
HTGCD290/1Voice of Janet Bakerreview
HTGCD292/3Bach partitasreview review
HTGCD294Hold piano musicreview
HTGCD297Somervell Butterworth Elgar songsreview
HTGCD298Zipoli kybd wksreview
HTGCD300Dussek pno sons v1review
HTGCD304Truscott pno wksreview
HTGCD400Baroque oboe concsreview
HTGCD402The Art of the Bassoonreview review
HTGCD405British piano collection v1review
HTGCD406British piano collection v2review
HTGCD700Delius collectionreview