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EMRCD001Bliss Bowen vln sonsreview review review
EMRCD002Quilter pno wksreview review review
EMRCD003Holbrooke Bantock vln sonsreview review review review
EMRCD004Holst Coming of Christreview review review
EMRCD005O’Neill chbr wksreview review review
EMRCD006VW Holst vln sonsreview review
EMRCD007/8Viola sonatasreview review
EMRCD009Gardner Christmas cantatareview
EMRCD010Norris prayerbookreview
EMRCD011Elgar Gurney vln sonsreview review
EMRCD012/13Moeran pno wksreview
EMRCD014Season songsreview review
EMRCD015Fames great trumpetreview
EMRCD016Parry early chbr wksreview review
EMRCD017Over hill over dalereview
EMRCD018British vla/vln sonsreview
EMRCD019Howells vln/pnoreview review review
EMRCD021Stanford massreview
EMRCD022Cooke pno wksreview review
EMRCD023Stanford Milford VCsreview review review
EMRCD024Irish idyllreview
EMRCD025English phantasyreview
EMRCD026Bailey Lloyd orch wksreview review review
EMRCD027Audite Finemreview
EMRCD028Pott vla sonreview review
EMRCD029King of instrumentsreview
EMRCD030Dream shadowsreview
EMRCD031The moon sails outreview review
EMRCD032Set in silverreview
EMRCD034Western Borderlandreview
EMRCD035Carols from Coventryreview
EMRCD037/8Now comes beautyreview review
EMRCD039Lewis Heritagereview
EMRCD040/1Downes pno wksreview
EMRCD042Sea-croonreview review
EMRCD043Warp & weftreview review
EMRCD044Garland of English choral wksreview
EMRCD045/6Richard IIIreview
EMRCD047Sherwood dble concreview review review
EMRCD048Lewis harpscapereview review
EMRCD049Dream trystreview review
EMRCD050/2Parry vln/pnoreview
EMRCD053Parry songsreview review
EMRCD054Songs & sonnetsreview
EMRCD056Downes chamber wksreview
EMRCD057Gardner ballad of the white horsereview review
EMRCD058/9Whettam solo vlnreview
EMRCD060Holst Holbrooke songsreview review
EMRCD061Keitch choral wksreview
EMRCD062Holst Christmasreview review
EMRCD064Dicky bird hop review review
EMRCD065Blue remembered hillsreview review review
EMRCD066Phoenixreview review
EMRCD069Crepuscule review
EMRCD070/1De profundis clamavireview review
EMRCD073Bax songsreview
EMRCD074Full of the highland humoursreview
EMRCD075A new lightreview
EMRCD079Eroicareview review
EMRCD080Warlock Maltwormsreview
EMRCD081Boughton chmbr wksreview review
EMRCD082/3Fraser-Simson Enchanted Places – songsreview
EMRCD085La belle damereview