Claves Records

1012Zubiaurre syreview
1101Stanford PC2review
1102Mendelssohn dble concreview
1109Basque music v14 Sanjuanreview
1110Liszt etudesreview
1202Martin Cendrillonreview
1207Bruch Svendsen octetsreview
1214Basque music v15 Bernaolareview
1238Chopin etudesreview
1302Mozart oboe concreview
1304-13Beethoven pno sonsreview
1403Mozart vlns sonsreview
1410Brahms str sextetsreview review
1502Schumann vln/pnoreview
1505Dohnanyi pno qntsreview
1602Chopin preludesreview
1603Tchaikovsky PCsreview
1604Poulenc Komitas cello pnoreview review
1605Cazzati massreview
1610Genève au siècle des Lumièresreview
1613Ginastera hp concreview
1615Mendelssohn organ sonsreview
1705Bloch vln sonsreview
1710Mozart Schoeck serenadesreview
1711Lausanne CO 75 yearsreview
1724Sciortino chamber wksreview
1725Levinas Petit princereview
1727Violin’s delightreview review
1802Khachaturian Penderecki CCsreview
1803Zefiro spirareview
1804L’esprit des sixreview
180517C sacred wks Wroclawreview
1807Bartok & Baroquereview
1808Korngold Mozart VCsreview
1809Capron sonatasreview
1811Wissmer concsreview
1813Zavaro Into the wildreview
1814Marenzio Il pastorreview
1816Cerha chmbr wksreview review
1817Shostakovich triosreview
1818Jolivet Martin flutereview
1908Mozart Nannerl review
1905/6Jaques-Dalcroze La Veillee review
1910Progetto Italiano review
1921Mahler Wunderhornreview
2001Arambarri Basque music collectionreview
2009Flute Recital: Belle Époquereview
2100/2Collet Songs & orchestral works v1 & v2review
2109Respighi vln sonsreview review
2110/1Escudero orch wksreview
2202Boccherini Flute Quintetsreview
2205Sorozábal Basque Music Collection v6review review
2206French Concertos for Harpreview
2207Shchedrin Carmen Suite & orch worksreview review review
2208Maurice Steger – Recorder Music Compilationreview
2301d’Ollone orch worksreview
2302Britten orch wksreview
2309Yvonne Naef (mezzo) Berlioz/Mahler songsreview review
2305Donostia orch wksreview
2396Beethoven sy9review
2408Schumann Beethoven PCsreview
2409Turina pno triosreview
2411Dvorak songsreview
2412Gerard Souzayreview
2413Garbizu chor wksreview
2502Left hand pno recitalreview review
2503Schoeck vln sonsreview review
2504Handel mezzo heroinesreview
2507Daniel Rohn vln/pno virtuoso wksreview
2508Brahms pno wksreview
2514-15R Strauss Elektrareview
2516Berg Stravinsky VCsreview
2517-18Basque music v1 Madinareview review
2603-04Schumann pno wksreview
2606Zanon chmbr wksreview
2608Haydn str qtsreview
2609Ettore Causa transcr. for vla & pnoreview
2610-12Beethoven vln sonsreview
2613Weiss lute sons v1review
2614Arriaga ariasreview
2617Mozart piano concertos – Haskilreview review
2618Mare, lunareview review
2701Schoeck choral wksreview review
2704-06Buxtehude organ wksreview
2707Liszt piano concertosreview
2708Brahms VC Lalo sym espagnole Milsteinreview review
2709Villa-Lobos pno wksreview
2712de Monte motetsreview
2713-18Michael Studerreview
2720Russian pno triosreview review
2803Martinu cel sonsreview
2808Bruch Paganini VCsreview
2817Pablo concsreview
2901Schumann CCreview
2903Beethoven pno sonsreview
2906Basque music v14 Pagolareview
3000Vla & orchreview
3001Maria Pignatellireview
3002Mozart pno qtsreview
3003Villard Martin massesreview
3004Rachmaninov PC2review
3008Motets & psalmsreview
3010Meyerbeer Teolinda review
3012Bach Matthew passionreview
3014/15Bach massreview
3017Martin VCreview
3023Ducommun orch wksreview
3031Grischuns dal cor review
3032Francaix wind wks review
3046Decruck concertante wks review
3048Légende solo harp worksreview
3051Opus 1 femininreview
3053The bright day is donereview
3059Gaubert chmbr wksreview
3062Bach Cello Suites de Naveránreview
3073Clarke Britten Bowen British music for viola & pianoreview
3079Bloch Bruch Dohnanyi works for cello & orchestrareview review
3091/2American and English Orchestral Musicreview
3104/5Tchaikovsky Symphs 5 & 6 Poschnerreview
8105Stamitz CCsreview
8509Martin PC 1 & 2review
8606Schoeck Unter sternenreview
9002Mendelssohn String Symphs 9 & 11review
9018Oboe concertos from Bohemiareview
9115Shostakovich Chamber Symphony Op 110review
9308/9Schoeck Das holdereview
9320Turina Serenata, String Quartet
9514International Salon Music Festival – Interlaken 1994review
9625Ossipov Balalaika Orchestra – Russian Symphonic Worksreview
9708Schumann Lieder Heinrich Heinereview
9802/3Lachner triosreview review
9811Weinberg chbr sysreview
9813Elgar sy1review