Claudio Records

CR35022Scarlatti kybd sonsreview
CR3606/7Gibbs vln sonsreview
CR37052Liszt sonatareview
CR37056Liszt sonatareview
CR37106Vittoria Vittoriareview
CR40126 Liszt Lelioreview
CR41142All through the night – trad. Welshreview review
CC43182Mills B Morning seareview
CC43242Mills B Under the starsreview review
CC43252Mills B Mosaicsreview
CC44312Dodgson pno sons v1review
CC48322Novak dirgereview review
CC48332Carr crowded streetsreview
CC49412Dodgson pno sons v2review
CC50462Solitary celloreview review
CC51532Mills B Summer wavesreview
CC51542Bach cantatasreview
CC52552Strauss Heldenlebenreview
CC52572Dodgson triosreview
CB52582Elgar VW songsreview
CR53622Schubert pno wks v1review
CC53632Americana review
CB55772Beethoven pno sonsreview
CR55856 Chopin pno v3review
CB58872Bolling flute trioreview
CC58896Brinch cello sonsreview
CC59936Brinch v2review
CC59966Brinch v3review
CR59952Bach cello suitesreview
CR59956Bach cello suitesreview
CB59972Bezkorvany tributereview
CC60112Krzisnik Currents of timereview
CR60196Magellan’s playlist v1review
CR60216Chopin pno v4review
CR60226Albeniz Iberiareview
CR60236Albeniz Iberia IIreview review
CB60262Rachmaninov PC1review
CB60272Rachmaninov PCs 2 & 4review
CR60336Schumann pno wksreview
CR60396Granados Goyescas review
CR60402Mills B Elan valleyreview review
CR60416La premierereview
CR60422Russian emigresreview
CR60426Russian emigresreview
CR60446Mills B Interbeing review
CR60456Hawkins clarinet wksreview
CC60502Mills B v7review
CC60512Mills B v8review