Chandos SACDs

CHSA5018Bridge orch works v3review
CHSA5030Bach conductors transcrreview
CHSA5031Shakespeare in songreview
CHSA5034Walton film scoresreview
CHSA5035Corigliano sy2review
CHSA5036Bennett Mines of sulphurreview
CHSA5040Stephan orch wksreview
CHSA5041Tansman sys v1review
CHSA5043Stanford songs of the fleet/seareview
CHSA5044Grechaninov passion weekreview
CHSA5047Vaughan Williams sy1review
CHSA5048Fantaisie triomphalereview
CHSA5049Elgar sy 1review
CHSA5051Bantock Omar Khayyamreview review
CHSA5054Tansman sys v2review
CHSA5055Rheinberger choral wksreview
CHSA5056Grandes Pièces Symphoniquesreview
CHSA5057Elgar sy3review
CHSA5058Foulds World requiemreview review
CHSA5060Wagner Ring orch.
CHSA5061Schmidt Das Buch Siegelnreview
CHSA5064Weinberg concsreview
CHSA5065Tansman sys v3review
CHSA5066Spotless rosereview
CHSA5067Orff Carmina buranareview
CHAN5068Goossens sy1review
CHSA5069Holst orch wks v1review
CHSA5070Bernstein massreview
CHSA5072MacMillan Quickeningreview
CHSA5074Berg orch wksreview
CHSA5076Connesson orch wksreview
CHSA5077Wagner Parsifal orchestralreview
CHSA5078Weinberg sys 1 & 7review review
CHSA5079Mahler sy7review
CHSA5080Bruckner sy5review
CHSA5081Suk syreview
CHSA5082Lutoslawski sy3review
CHSA5083Elgar VCreview review
CHSA5085Hear my wordsreview
CHSA5086Holst Planetsreview
CHSA5087Wagner Tristan orchestralreview
CHSA5088Delius Appalachiareview
CHSA5089Weinberg sy3review
CHSA5090Schmitt Salomereview
CHSA5092Wagner Meistersingers orchreview review
CHSA5093Shostakovich CCsreview
CHSA5094Delius concsreview review
CHSA5095Herrmann Moby Dickreview review review
CHSA5096On Christmas nightreview review
CHSA5097Wagner orch wksreview review
CHSA5098Lutoslawski sy4review review
CHSA5100Gjeilo northern lightsreview review
CHSA5101Berio orchestrationsreview review
CHSA5102Debussy orch wksreview review review
CHSA5104Saint-Saens orch wksreview
CHSA5105Clausen choral wksreview review
CHSA5106Lutoslawski sy2 CCreview review
CHSA5107Weinberg CCreview
CHSA5108Lutoslawski orch wks v4review
CHSA5109Suk Summer’s talereview review
CHSA5110Suppe overtures and marchesreview review review review
CHSA5111Elgar Starlight expressreview review
CHSA5113Tchaikovsky Sleeping beautyreview review
CHSA5115Szymanowski sysreview
CHSA5116Atterberg sysreview review review review
CHSA5117Raff sy2review
CHSA5118Berlioz overturesreview review
CHSA5119Goossens orch wksreview review
CHSA5120Strauss Josephslegendereview review
CHSA5121Grainger chor wksreview review
CHSA5122Chabrier orch wksreview review
CHSA5123Szymanowski stabat materreview review
CHSA5124Tchaikovsky Swan Lakereview review
CHSA5127Holst Choral syreview
CHSA5128American PCsreview review review
CHSA5129Adams Dr Atomicreview review review
CHSA5130Bartok orch wksreview review
CHSA5131Delius in Norwayreview review
CHSA5132Mendelssohn in Birmingham v1review review
CHSA5133Atterberg sys 2 & 8review review review review
CHSA5134Sibelius VCreview
CHSA5135Raff sy5review
CHSA5136Walton sy1 VCreview review review
CHSA5137Massenet orch wksreview
CHSA5138Grundman Mortuisreview
CHSA5139Mendelssohn in Birmingham v2review review
CHSA5140Elgar Gerontiusreview review
CHSA5142Janacek orch wks v1review review
CHSA5143Szymanowski sys 1 & 3review
CHSA5144Tchaikovsky nutcrackerreview review
CHSA5146Weinberg chmbr sysreview review review
CHSA5147Stravinsky Petruskhareview review review
CHSA5148Rachmaninov vigilreview review review
CHSA5149Elgar King Olafreview
CHSA5151Mendelssohn in Birmingham v3review review
CHSA5152Ives sys 1 & 2review review
CHSA5153Walton sy2 CCreview review
CHSA5154Atterberg sys 1 & 5review review
CHSA5155Berlioz Harold in Italyreview
CHSA5156Janacek orch wks v2review review
CHSA5157d’Indy orch wks v6review review review
CHSA5158Fucik festivalreview review
CHSA5159Bliss Morning heroesreview review
CHSA5160Offenbach overturesreview review review
CHSA5161Mendelssohn VCreview review
CHSA5162Saint-Saens CCsreview review
CHSA5163Ives orch wks v2review review review
CHSA5164Copland orch wks v1review review
CHSA5165Janacek orch wks v3review review
CHSA5166Atterberg sys 7 & 9review review review
CHSA5167Tchaikovsky Khachaturian PCsreview review review review
CHSA5168Ibert orch wksreview review
CHSA5169Berlioz Romeo & Julietreview
CHSA5171Copland orch wks v2review review review
CHSA5172Schoenberg gurreliederreview review review review
CHSA5174Ives orch wks v3review review review
CHSA5175Vivaldi Panufnik 4 seasonsreview review
CHSA5176Handel Messiahreview review
CHSA5178Sibelius songsreview
CHSA5179Holst Planetsreview review
CHSA5180VW sy9review review
CHSA5181Elgar sy1review review review
CHSA5182Sousa celebrationreview review review
CHSA5183Bach St John  passionreview
CHSA5185Szymanowski Karlowicz VCsreview review review
CHSA5186VW sinf antarticareview review
CHSA5187Crusell clarinet concsreview
CHSA5188Elgar Falstaffreview review
CHSA5189Bartok orch wksreview review
CHSA5190Grieg PCreview review
CHSA5191Bliss beatitudesreview review
CHSA5192Holst orch wks v4review review review review
CHSA5193Goossens orch wks v3review review
CHSA5194Wiren sy3review review
CHSA5195Copland orch wks v3review review review review
CHSA5197Elgar sy2review review
CHSA5198Schoenberg Pelleas review review
CHSA5199Adams naive sentimentalreview review
CHSA5200Schmitt sy2review review review review
CHSA5201VW orch wksreview review
CHSA5202Bennett orch wks v1review review
CHSA5203Karayev 7 beautiesreview review review
CHSA5204Tchaikovsky balletsreview
CHSA5209Borenstein VC review review
CHSA5210Walton vla concreview review
CHSA5211Silver voicereview
CHSA5212Bennett orch wks v2review review
CHSA5214Finzi orch wksreview review review
CHSA5215Elgar music makersreview review review
CHSA5216Tchaikovsky Scriabin PCsreview
CHSA5217Sibelius orch wksreview review
CHSA5219Berlioz requiemreview review review
CHSA5220Korngold syreview review review review
CHSA5221Fanfaresreview review
CHSA5222Copland orch wks v4review review
CHSA5223Lutoslawski collectionreview
CHSA5228Berlioz L’enfance Christreview
CHSA5230Bennett orch wks v3review review review
CHSA5231Gounod sysreview review
CHSA5232Grieg choral wksreview review
CHSA5233Lyatoshynsky sy3 review review review
CHSA5234Schubert sys v1review review
CHSA5235Mendelssohn overtures review
CHSA5236Brahms sys 1 & 3review review review
CHSA5237Bartok Bluebeardreview review
CHSA5239Berlioz Sym fantreview review
CHSA5240Smyth mass review review
CHSA5241Terterian sysreview review
CHSA5242Bliss orch wksreview review
CHSA5243Verklarte nachtreview review
CHSA5244Bennett orch wks v4review review
CHSA5245Schubert sys v2review
CHSA5250(2)Britten Peter Grimesreview review
CHSA5252Escalesreview review review
CHSA5253Alwyn Miss Juliereview
CHSA5255Like to the larkreview
CHSA5257Delibes ballet suitesreview review
CHSA5258Massenet Thaisreview review review
CHSA5260Poulenc ballet suitesreview
CHSA5261Respighi Roman trilogyreview review review
CHSA5263Dutilleux Le loup review
CHSA5264English music for stringsreview
CHSA5265Schubert sys v3review
CHSA5268Parry Judithreview review
CHSA5270Berg VCreview review
CHSA5273Beethoven PCsreview
CHSA5276Dallapiccola Il Prigioniero review
CHSA5278Shostakovich sy11review review review review
CHSA5279Smyth The prisonreview review
CHSA5280Ravel orch wksreview review
CHSA5281Ichmouratov concsreview
CHSA5282Belle epoque review review
CHSA5287More Honourable than the Cherubimreview review
CHSA5289Britten Chansons francaisreview
CHSA5291English music for stringsreview
CHSA5292Metamorphosen review review
CHSA5293Ireland orch wksreview review
CHSA5294Hollywood soundstage review review
CHSA5296K Fuchs orch wks v1review
CHSA5297Rachmaninov sy3 review
CHSA5299Pejacevic sy PCreview review
CHSA5300Tchaikovsky orch wksreview review
CHSA5303VW sysreview
CHSA5309Rachmaninov sy2review review review
CHSA5310Shostakovich sy14review review
CHSA5311Nielsen VC sy4review
CHSA5315Stravinsky sysreview review
CHSA5316Bacewicz Symphs 3 & 4review
CHSA5317Parry Prometheus Unbound & Blest Pair of Sirensreview review
CHSA5319Iceland works for the stagereview
CHSA5322Rodgers Oklahoma!review
CHSA5324Ravel L Berkeley Pounds orchestral works SACDreview
CHSA5327Ravel Daphnis et Chloéreview review review
CHSA5334Shostakovich sys 12 & 15review
CHSA5336Overtures from Finlandreview review
CHSA5337Herrmann Wuthering Heightsreview review review
CHSA5348Echoes of Bohemia: Czech Music for Windreview review