Chandos 10…

CHAN10011Kabalevsky concsreview
CHAN10012Bridge orch wks v2review
CHAN10019Bainton & Clifford orchestral works & songs v2review
CHAN10039Picker orchestral worksreview
CHAN10044Prokofiev On the Dnieper etc. Polyanskyreview
CHAN10051Lawson & Heneghan works for virtual orchestrareview
CHAN10052Kabalevsky PC’s 2 & 3review
CHAN10056Prokofiev Egyptian Nights etc. Polyanskyreview
CHAN10058(2)Prokofiev The Tale of the Stone Flowerreview
CHAN10061(2)Dyson Quo Vadisreview
CHAN10063Sculthorpe Irkanda I & Cello Dreaming
CHAN10064Shostakovich SQ 1-13 Borodin Quartetreview
CHAN10070Yoshimatsu Symph 5 etc. review
CHAN10081Respighi La Boutique Fantasque etc. Nosedareview
CHAN10083Webern Chamber Music for Stringsreview
CHAN10084McEwen SQ 3 6 13 v2 Chilingirianreview
CHAN10090Rota La Strada Balletreview
CHAN10092MacMillan Into the Ferment
CHAN10105Gregson VC, Clarinet Conc
CHAN10116Stanford Irish Rhapsodiesreview
CHAN10112Bridge orch wks v3review
CHAN10122Bax Symphs 1-7 Handleyreview review review
CHAN10024Arensky sy2review
CHAN10126Bax Film Musicreview
CHAN10128Weinberg Symph 5review
CHAN10029(2)Diepenbrock orch wksreview
CHAN10138Zemlinsky Die Seejungfraureview
CHAN10044Prokofiev On the Dnieperreview
CHAN10048Herschel sysreview
CHAN10053Prokofiev Semyon Kotkoreview review
CHAN10056Prokofiev Egyptian nightsreview
CHAN10058(2)Prokofiev Stone flowerreview
CHAN10067Foss Griffelkinreview review
CHAN10075XStrauss 4 last songsreview
CHAN10080L & M Berkeley orch works v3review
CHAN10084McEwen String Quartets v2review
CHAN10085Bloch conc symreview
CHAN10086Arensky sy1review
CHAN10093Medtner Goethe Liederreview
CHAN10104Rachmaninov orch wksreview
CHAN10107Rachmaninov preludesreview
CHAN10110Ireland Greater Love Hath No Manreview
CHAN10111Britten Prince Pagodas McPhee Tabuh-Tabuhanreview
CHAN10112Bridge orch wks v3review review
CHAN10115Langford orch classicsreview
CHAN10120Vaughan Williams The Poisened Kissreview
CHAN10122Bax 7 Symphs Handleyreview
CHAN10126Bax film musicreview
CHAN10128Weinberg Symph 5review
CHAN10138Zemlinsy Die Seejungfraureview
CHAN10152Ginastera Pampeanareview
CHAN10153Prokofiev Ivan the Terriblereview
CHAN10155XBax Orch Works v2 Handleyreview
CHAN10156XBax orch wks v3review
CHAN10159XBax Orch Works v6review
CHAN10162Beach chamber musicreview
CHAN10164Bax choral worksreview
CHAN10165Brahms chorus & orch worksreview
CHAN10167Berkeley Edition v4review
CHAN10168XMoeran VCreview review
CHAN10169XMoeran syreview review
CHAN10170XMoeran chbr wksreview
CHAN10171Karlowicz Rebirth Symphonyreview
CHAN10178Beethoven str qts v1 Borodinreview review
CHAN10179Verhulst syreview
CHAN10180Schnittke Symph 6review
CHAN10182McEwen string quartets v3review review
CHAN10183Shostakovich film music v2review
CHAN10185Escenas Argentinasreview
CHAN10188Bridge orch wks v4review review
CHAN10191Beethoven str qts v2review
CHAN10192XBritten Les illuminationsreview
CHAN10197(2)Dove Flightreview
CHAN10201Cui Feastreview
CHAN10202Yoshimatsu CCreview
CHAN10203Myslivecek sysreview
CHAN10205Grainger pno wksreview
CHAN10209XBax winter legendsreview
CHAN10211Scott Symph 3 PC 2review review
CHAN10215Brahms alto rhapsodyreview
CHAN10235XMoeran orch wksreview review
CHAN10237Weinberg sys v2review
CHAN10244RVW film music v2review
CHAN10246Bridge orch wks v5review review
CHAN10247L & M Berkeley pno wksreview
CHAN10248Shostakovich str qts v5review
CHAN10250Bacewicz vln/pnoreview
CHAN10255Hummel VCreview
CHAN10258Dallapiccola orch wks v1review review
CHAN10259Goossens chbr wksreview
CHAN10263Casadesus sysreview review
CHAN10264Rachmaninov Miserly knightreview
CHAN10266Medtner pno wksreview
CHAN10267HMaric orch wksreview
CHAN10268Beethoven str qts v3review
CHAN10271(3)Nielsen sysreview
CHAN10274XBritten cello syreview
CHAN10276Paganini capricesreview
CHAN10279Parker film musicreview
CHAN10285XSchoenberg Pelleasreview
CHAN10286XGwyneth Jones sings Wagnerreview
CHAN10287XGrieg sym dancesreview
CHAN10292Beethoven str qts v4review review
CHAN10293Arnold overturesreview review
CHAN10296Shostakovich sy4 2pnoreview
CHAN10297Kancheli Simireview
CHAN10299B Tchaikovsky Sebastapol syreview
CHAN10301L Berkeley Ruthreview
CHAN10302Busoni orch wksreview
CHAN10304Beethoven str qts v5review review
CHAN10305Songs for tenor & gtrreview
CHAN10306Black film musicreview
CHAN10307XLeighton sy3 CCreview review
CHAN10308XDyson syreview
CHAN10309Dvorak VC PCreview
CHAN10310Bridge orch wks v6review review
CHAN10315Alain org wksreview
CHAN10316XMartinu sysreview
CHAN10319Rossini pno wks v2review
CHAN10320Holten choral wksreview
CHAN10321Sullivan Cox & boxreview
CHAN10322Hubicki dedicationreview
CHAN10323Chagrin film musicreview review
CHAN10329Shostakovich str qts v6review
CHAN10334Weinberg sys v3review
CHAN10336Korngold film musicreview review
CHAN10339XRawsthorne PCsreview review
CHAN10347(2)Prokofiev love for 3 orangesreview
CHAN10349Alwyn film music v3review review
CHAN10351Hoffmeister sysreview
CHAN10352McNeff Beatrix Potterreview
CHAN10354XLumbye Tivoli festivalreview
CHAN10355(2)D’Avalos Maria de Venosareview
CHAN10358Shostakovich Michelangelo suitereview review
CHAN10359Williamson orch wks v1review review
CHAN10361Shostakovich film music vol. 3review
CHAN10362Bax tone poemsreview
CHAN10363Mendelssohn choral wksreview
CHAN10367Expts on a marchreview
CHAN10368Vaughan Williams film music vol. 3review review
CHAN10376Scott PC1 sy4review
CHAN10379Cannabich sysreview
CHAN10380Bliss VC Colour syreview
CHAN10381(3)Beethoven str qts v6review
CHAN10385Vaughan Williams Christmas musicreview
CHAN10386Richter sinfoniasreview
CHAN10390Taneyev sys 1 & 3review
CHAN10391Rachmaninov etudesreview
CHAN10404Gruber Frankensteinreview
CHAN10406Williamson orch ks v2review
CHAN10407Scott VCreview
CHAN10408Berkeley edn v6review
CHAN10409Homages for windreview
CHAN10412XSpirit of Scotlandreview
CHAN10415Hummel ballet scoresreview
CHAN10416Berlioz Lelioreview
CHAN10417Liszt sym poems v3review
CHAN10418Addison film musicreview review
CHAN10419Piazzolla orch wks vol. 2review
CHAN10420Chbr music pno & windreview
CHAN10421Debussy complete pno wks v1review
CHAN10422XElgar Wand of youth suitesreview review
CHAN10423Rubbra massesreview
CHAN10424Rimsky-Korsakov orch wksreview
CHAN10429XElgar pno wksreview
CHAN10430Smetana pno wksreview
CHAN10437XWalton Henry Vreview
CHAN10438Korngold film music vol. 2review
CHAN10439Dyson Nebuchadnezzarreview
CHAN10441Kapp dynasty orch wksreview
CHAN10442Rachmaninov Francescareview
CHAN10443Debussy complete pno wks v2review
CHAN10444Inga Nielsenreview
CHAN10446Bax tone poems v2review
CHAN10449Dvorak Rusalkareview
CHAN10452Scott sy1 CCreview
CHAN10453Gypsy stringsreview
CHAN10455Grainger transc. for wind orchreview
CHAN10456Mahler sy10review
CHAN10457XBax orch wks v9review review
CHAN10458Marsh sysreview
CHAN10459Lambert Berners filmscoresreview
CHAN10460Bainton orch wksreview
CHAN10461Leighton orch wks v1review review
CHAN10464d’Indy orch wks v1review review
CHAN10465VW Wenlock Edgereview
CHAN10466Saxophone concsreview review
CHAN10467Debussy complete pno wks v3review review
CHAN10468X(4)Field PCsreview
CHAN10472Dove Siren songreview review
CHAN10473(2)Britten Owen Wingravereview
CHAN10475Rachmaninov sy1review
CHAN10477Bassoon concs Geogheganreview review
CHAN10478Gregson concsreview
CHAN10479Marx pno wksreview review
CHAN10480Messiean Qt end of timereview
CHAN10481XProkofiev Kijereview
CHAN10482XProkofiev Nevskyreview
CHAN10487D Matthews orch wksreview
CHAN10488Rosza orch wks v1review
CHAN10489Variations on Americareview
CHAN10491Rimsky-K Taneyev vln & orchreview
CHAN10492Schumann songs of loss and lovereview
CHAN10495Leighton orch wks v2review
CHAN10498XNielsen Aladdinreview
CHAN10499Johnston Brideshead revisitedreview
CHAN10500XProkofiev comp sys Jarvireview
CHAN10504Vogler orch wksreview
CHAN10505Marx orch songsreview review review
CHAN10506Bowen pno wks v3review
CHAN10507XMozart sinf conc, conc 2 pnosreview
CHAN10508Maconchy Sofareview
CHAN10509Schumann Grieg PCsreview
CHAN10510Petite ecolereview review
CHAN10511Wolf-Ferrari orch wksreview review
CHAN10512Spirit of Brazilreview
CHAN10514d’Indy orch wks v2review
CHAN10515Schulhoff Schoenberg flute sonsreview
CHAN10516XMendelssohn Paulusreview
CHAN10518Smetana orch wks v2review
CHAN10519Prokofiev Queen of spadesreview
CHAN10520Rossini pno wks v4review
CHAN10521French bassoon wksreview
CHAN10524Liszt sym poems v5review
CHAN10525Gunning orch wksreview review
CHAN10526Russian wks vln/vlareview
CHAN10527Tansman pno wksreview
CHAN10529-31VW film musicreview
CHAN10532Mendelssohn org sonsreview
CHAN10534XMendelssohn str qtsreview
CHAN10535XMendelssohn pno triosreview
CHAN10536XProkofiev Ivanreview
CHAN10537XProkofiev 20th anniv. cantatareview
CHAN10538XProkofiev War & peace suitereview
CHAN10539XProkofiev Romeo & Julietreview
CHAN10540XProkofiev VCsreview
CHAN10541XProkofiev Eugene Oneginreview
CHAN10543Spoliansky film musicreview
CHAN10544Rachmaninov miserly knightreview
CHAN10545Debussy pno wks v5review
CHAN10546Rota sysreview
CHAN10547XMartinu CCsreview review
CHAN10548(3)Britten Beggar’s operareview
CHAN10550Arnold balletsreview
CHAN10551Martinu chmbr wksreview
CHAN10552Saint-Saens cel sonsreview
CHAN10553(8)Beethoven comp str qtsreview
CHAN10561Dallapiccola orch wksreview
CHAN10564Beethoven trp conc Brahms dble concreview
CHAN10565(3)Complete tranquilityreview
CHAN10568(2)Within a dream Hickoxreview
CHAN10570(2)Elgar Crown of Indiareview
CHAN10572(2)MacMillan Sacrificereview
CHAN10574Tansman sinfsreview review
CHAN10575Scott chbr wksreview
CHAN10577Herrmann filmscoresreview
CHAN10578(3)Sullivan Ivanhoereview
CHAN10581Tender is the nightreview
CHAN10582Faure pno qtsreview
CHAN10583Rachmaninov Alekoreview
CHAN10584Halvorsen orch wks v1review review
CHAN10585d’Indy orch wks v3review
CHAN10587Howells choral wksreview
CHAN10588Chopin pno wks v1review
CHAN10589Rachmaninov sy2review review
CHAN10590Finzi Britten orch songs Grittonreview
CHAN10592Burgon CCreview review
CHAN10593Bowen pno wks v4review
CHAN10596(2)Moeran songsreview review
CHAN10599XDohnanyi PCsreview
CHAN10601Leighton pno wksreview
CHAN10602Martinu cel sonsreview
CHAN10603XSchumann Chopin PCsreview
CHAN10604Boccherini sysreview
CHAN10605Casella sy2review review
CHAN10606Dove Tobiasreview
CHAN10608Leighton orch wks v3review review
CHAN10610Bartok PCsreview
CHAN10611Korngold str qtsreview review
CHAN10612XMordkovitch tribute to Oistrakhreview
CHAN10613Bassoon concsreview
CHAN10614Halvorsen orch wks v2review review
CHAN10615Virtusoso clarinetreview
CHAN10616(9)Beethoven comp pno sonsreview
CHAN10625Gunning film TV musicreview review
CHAN10626Wild pno wksreview review
CHAN10627Gregson tromb concreview review
CHAN10633Pierne PCreview
CHAN10634Italian intermezzoreview
CHAN10635Mozart wks for str trioreview
CHAN10636Easdale film musicreview review
CHAN10637Lyrical clarinetreview
CHAN10638(19)Grainger ednreview
CHAN10658Britten cel syreview
CHAN10659Verdi 4 sacred songsreview
CHAN10660d’Indy orch wks v4review
CHAN10661Walton str qtsreview review
CHAN10664Halvorsen orch wks v3review
CHAN10665Rufinatscha orch wks v1review
CHAN10666Kienzl lieder v1review
CHAN10668Haydn pno sons v2review
CHAN10669Rota sy3review
CHAN10670Bowen sysreview
CHAN10671Britten Phaedrareview
CHAN10672Enescu pno qtsreview
CHAN10673Bacewicz VCsreview
CHAN10674Rozsa CCreview review
CHAN10675Fiesta criollareview review
CHAN10676Pno wks by mighty handfulreview
CHAN10677Rachmaninov sy3review
CHAN10678Czech music for stringsreview
CHAN10679(5)XGliere collectionreview review
CHAN10684(3)XVienna premieresreview
CHAN10687Schwertsik orch wksreview review
CHAN10688Lutoslawski vocal wksreview review
CHAN10689Haydn pno sons v3review
CHAN10690Bartok VCsreview review
CHAN10691My True Love Hath My Heartreview review
CHAN10692Schumann str qtsreview review
CHAN10693Svendsen orch wks v1review review
CHAN10694de Falla Gardens of Spainreview review
CHAN10695(4)Beethoven pno/orch compreview review
CHAN10700Tpt concsreview
CHAN10701Mendelssohn cel sonsreview review
CHAN10702Weber clarinet & hornreview
CHAN10703Fantasies for bassoonreview review
CHAN10704British clar sons v1review review
CHAN10705Bartok vln/pno v1review review
CHAN10706Rachmaninov bellsreview
CHAN10707Korngold pno qntreview review
CHAN10709Elgar CCreview review
CHAN10710Halvorsen orch wks v4review
CHAN10711Svendsen orch wks v2review review
CHAN10712Casella orch wks v2review review review
CHAN10713Benjamin, Lucas film musicreview review review
CHAN10714Chopin pno wks v2review review
CHAN10715XDvorak CCreview review
CHAN10716Brahms pno music v1review review
CHAN10717Debussy str qt, trioreview
CHAN10718British flute concsreview
CHAN10720Beethoven pno sons v1review
CHAN10723Final cutreview
CHAN10724Rachmaninov moments musciauxreview
CHAN10725XHolst Wandering scholarreview review
CHAN10726XElgar Light of lifereview review review
CHAN10727XHowells Hymnus paradisireview review review
CHAN10728XRVW Cotswold romancereview review review
CHAN10729(6)Bridge orchestral boxsetreview review
CHAN10735Montsalvage orch wksreview review
CHAN10737Schubert str qtsreview
CHAN10738Rozsa VCreview review
CHAN10739British clarinet concsreview review
CHAN10740Parry choral & orch wksreview review
CHAN10741British cello sonatas v1review review
CHAN10742Delius PCreview
CHAN10748Weber sysreview
CHAN10749Strauss Respighi vln sonsreview review
CHAN10750Petrassi magnificatreview review
CHAN10751Wesley chor wksreview review
CHAN10752Bartok vln/pno v2review
CHAN10753Turina orch wksreview review review
CHAN10754Chausson concert, str qtreview
CHAN10755Brahms Schumann pno wksreview review
CHAN10756Mozart Copland clarinet concsreview
CHAN10757Brahms pno music v2review
CHAN10758British clar sons v2review
CHAN10761In the southreview
CHAN10762Brahms Schumann vln sonsreview
CHAN10763Haydn pno sons v5review
CHAN10764Britten concsreview
CHAN10766Svendsen orch wks v3review review review
CHAN10768Casella orch wks v3review review
CHAN10769Ben-Haim chamber wksreview review
CHAN10770British vln sons v1review
CHAN10778Dobrzynski orch wksreview review
CHAN10780XHowells concerto for stringsreview
CHAN10781XRossini stabat materreview review
CHAN10782XBritten spring syreview
CHAN10783XFinzi requiemreview
CHAN10784XBritten orch wksreview
CHAN10785Michelangelo in songreview
CHAN10787(2)Prokofiev comp wks vlnreview review
CHAN10789Mascagni orch wksreview
CHAN10790Enescu pno qnt, trioreview
CHAN1079120th cent conc grossoreview review
CHAN10792British cello sonatas v2review review
CHAN10794Sullivan beauty stonereview review
CHAN10796Moeran VCreview
CHAN10797Overtures British Islesreview
CHAN10798(3)Beethoven pno sons v2review
CHAN10802(2)Prokofiev PCsreview
CHAN10804Virtuoso clarinet v2review
CHAN10805Bowen chbmr wksreview review
CHAN10806Rozsa film scoresreview review
CHAN10807Schubert pno v1review review
CHAN10812Lekeu Faure vln sonsreview
CHAN10814(2)Scharwenka PCsreview
CHAN10816Rachmaninov pno sonsreview review
CHAN10818British cello sonatas v3review
CHAN10820Bartok vln/pno v3review
CHAN10821Celtic Reflectionsreview review
CHAN10822Gregson concsreview
CHAN10825Brahms cello sonsreview
CHAN10826Endless songreview review
CHAN10827Janacek vln sonreview
CHAN10828XSibelius theatre musicreview
CHAN10829Bax orch wksreview review review
CHAN10831Haydn str qtsreview
CHAN10833Brahms pno music v3review review
CHAN10834Halvorsen orch wksreview
CHAN10838Something’s gotta givereview
CHAN10839Panufnik str qtsreview review review
CHAN10840Petrassi partitareview
CHAN10841Schumann pno wksreview
CHAN10842O sacrum conviviumreview review
CHAN10844Brahms clarinet sonsreview
CHAN10845Zemlinsky str qtsreview
CHAN10847British classics wind bandreview
CHAN10848Janacek Martinu str qtsreview
CHAN10849Suchon orch wksreview review
CHAN10850Schubert vln/pnoreview review
CHAN10852Chopin waltzesreview
CHAN10853X(4)Arnold sysreview
CHAN10857Brahms pno music v4review review
CHAN10858Castiglioni orch wksreview
CHAN10859(3)Nielsen sysreview review review
CHAN10862British cello sonatas v4review review
CHAN10864XShostakovich VCsreview
CHAN10865XBruch VCsreview review
CHAN10869XTippett Child of our timereview
CHAN10871Pierne orch wks v2review
CHAN10872The callreview
CHAN10873Dean str qtsreview
CHAN10874Schumann piano v3review review
CHAN10875Poulenc PCsreview review
CHAN10876Music for windsreview review
CHAN10877Fitelberg chmbr wksreview review
CHAN10878Brahms pno music v5review
CHAN10879Wood Coleridge -T VCsreview review
CHAN10880Casella sy1review review review
CHAN10881American cello/pnoreview
CHAN10882Rachmaninoff 2 pnoreview
CHAN10884Ginastera orch wks v1review review
CHAN10885Martinu Spalicekreview
CHAN10886(2)Haydn str qts v2review
CHAN10888Beethoven vln sonsreview
CHAN10891British clarinet concs v1review
CHAN10892Brahms pno qntreview
CHAN10893Paradis sur Terrereview review
CHAN10894Atterberg orch v4review review review
CHAN10895Casella sysreview
CHAN10897Albeniz orch wks v1review
CHAN10898British overtures v2review review review
CHAN10899British vln sons v2review review
CHAN10900Stokowski transcriptionsreview review
CHAN10902Chopin pno wksreview
CHAN10903Brahms pno music v6review
CHAN10904(2)Bacewicz str qtsreview review
CHAN10906(5)XDohnanyi orch wksreview review
CHAN10911Holst Hickoxreview review
CHAN10912Ireland Hickoxreview review review
CHAN10913Delius Hickoxreview
CHAN10914Saint-Saens Chausson pno qtsreview review
CHAN10915Faure pno v1review
CHAN10916Bennett wind bandreview
CHAN10917(6)Shostakovich str qtsreview
CHAN10923Ginastera orch wks v2review review
CHAN10924American momentsreview
CHAN10929Mozart PCsreview review
CHAN10930Alwyn film music v4review
CHAN10931Schubert str qtsreview
CHAN10932Mozart flute qtsreview
CHAN10934Celtic airsreview review
CHAN10935Sullivan songsreview review
CHAN10937Strauss in St Petersburgreview
CHAN10938Liszt Wagner pno wksreview
CHAN10939British tone poems v1review review
CHAN10940Franck Szymanowski vln sonsreview review
CHAN10941Antheil sysreview review review
CHAN10944Connolly Come to mereview review
CHAN10945XBrahms requiemreview review
CHAN10946XElgar Black knightreview review review
CHAN10947XWalton The bearreview
CHAN10948XHolst orch wksreview review review
CHAN10949Ginastera orch wks v3review review
CHAN10950Reicha pno wks v1review review
CHAN10951Brahms complete pno wksreview
CHAN10957Roussel Evocations review
CHAN10958Mozart PCs v2review
CHAN10959Weiner diverimentireview review
CHAN10960Beethoven pno sonsreview
CHAN10969VW songs of travelreview review
CHAN10970Reger clarinet sonsreview
CHAN10971Haydn str qtsreview
CHAN10973XRAF 100th annivreview review
CHAN10975Latin windsreview
CHAN10976Bacewicz qnts, qtsreview review
CHAN10978Schubert str qntreview
CHAN10979Schurmann film musicreview
CHAN10980Elgar pno qnt, str qtreview
CHAN10981British tone poems v2review review
CHAN10982Antheil sysreview review
CHAN10983Laks chmbr wksreview review
CHAN10984XEnescu orch wksreview review
CHAN10987Fluxreview review
CHAN10988Scarlatti pno sons v1review
CHAN10989Explosive classicsreview
CHAN10990Schubert pno v3review
CHAN10991Tchaikovsky piano v1 review
CHAN10992Bartok str qtsreview review
CHAN10994Parry sy4review review review
CHAN10995Granados Goyescas review review
CHAN10996French momentsreview
CHAN10997Symphonic euphonium II review
CHAN10998Haydn pno sons v7review review