Classics for Pleasure

2134282G&S Gondoliers Sargentreview
2134332G&S Pinafore, Trialreview review
2134392G&S Iolanthereview review
2134442G&S Mikado Sargentreview review
2134492G&S Patiencereview
2134542G&S Piratesreview
2134592G&S Ruddigorereview
2134652G&S Yeomen of the guard Sargentreview review
2282752Barber orch wksreview review
2282762Copland orch wksreview
2282782Mozart PCs Barenboimreview
2282792Rachmaninov PCsreview
2282802Rimsky-K Scheherazadereview
2282812Rossini overturesreview
2282822Schubert str qntreview
2282832Shostakovich sys 1 & 5review
2282842Vivaldi Gloria Bach Magnificatreview
2282852British light classicsreview review
2283586Bach cel suites Tortelierreview
2283682Schumann Grieg PCsreview
2283742Strauss 4 last songsreview
2283752Tchaikovsky sy6review
2283762Villa-Lobos orch wksreview
2283772Wagner Ring h’lightsreview
3759062Faure Durufle requiemreview
3759342Mozart requiem masonic musicreview
3759352Part Tavener choral wksreview
3759362Verdi requiemreview
3759422How can I keep from singingreview
3759432Choral favourites from Kingsreview
3822252Songs of Stephen Fosterreview
3822282Organ recital Liverpool cathedralreview
3822292Prokofiev sys 1 & 7review
3822302Works for children: Prokofiev, Brittenreview
3822312Ravel Debussy quartetsreview
3822322Russian spectacular Handleyreview
3822332Saint-Saens sy3review
3822342Shostakovich jazz suitesreview review
3826182Great tenor ariasreview
3827772Mozart horn concsreview
3832332Saint-Saens orch wksreview
3902302Lanchbery Beatrix Potterreview
3932292Khachaturian balletsreview
3932312Sullivan pineapple Pollreview
3932432Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Previnreview
3932562Mozart Don Giovannireview
3932612Mozart Abduction seraglioreview
3932662Mozart Magic flutereview
3932712Puccini Toscareview
3932762Rossini Barber of Sevillereview
3932822Verdi Rigolettoreview
3933672Beethoven Fidelio h’lights Karajanreview
3933682Deliebs Lakme h’lightsreview
3933702Puccini Madame Butterfly h’lights Barbirollireview
3933712Puccini Turandot h’lightsreview
3933742Verdi Nabucco h’lightsreview
3933752Verdi Il trovatore h’lightsreview
3933762Gounod Faust h’lights Cluytensreview
5217812Overtures and Intermezzireview
5218462Berlioz Harold in Italyreview
5218472Chopin PCsreview
5218542Franck syreview
5218552Haydn London sysreview
5218602Jazz albumreview
5218662Mozart overturesreview
5218682Mozart PCs Barenboimreview
5218722Sibelius sys 4 & 5 Karajanreview
5753102Vaughan Williams Symph 4review
5859082Elgar VCreview