Cembal d’amour

CD100Mozart Beethoven Chopinreview
CD101Mordecai Shehori (piano) recitalreview
CD108Learning by example v1 Shehorireview
CD117Confrey pno wksreview
CD119Learning by example v2 Shehorireview
CD120Jascha Heifetz Live v4review
CD121Jascha Heifetz Live v5review
CD122Heifetz v6review
CD124Barere father and sonreview
CD125Vivaldi 4 seasons Mozart Nadienreview
CD126Art of the violin v3 Senofskyreview
CD127Julius Baker favouritesreview
CD128Mordecai Shehori NY concerts v2review
CD129Paganini caprices for vla Vardireview
CD130Nadien v4 live concertosreview
CD131Learning by example v3 Shehorireview
CD132Chopin pno wks Katzreview
CD133Mordecai Shehori NY concerts v3review
CD134Emmanuel Vardireview
CD135Schumann & Liszt Shehorireview
CD136Mindru Katz concert favouritesreview
CD137Beethoven Mendelssohn VCs Nadienreview
CD138French pno wks Katzreview
CD139Mordecai Shehori NY concerts v4review
CD140Nadien 1973 recitalreview
CD141Shehori plays Mozartreview
CD142Mozart Chopin PCs Katzreview
CD143Shehori Russian musicreview
CD144Hommage Bidu Sayaoreview
CD145Hommage Bidu Sayao v2review
CD146Nadien plays Brahmsreview
CD148Beethoven PC5 Katzreview
CD149Bach-Busoni chorale preludesreview
CD150Hommage Bidu Sayao v3review
CD151Nadien vln sonsreview
CD152Moscheles Fetis methodereview
CD153Hommage Bidu Sayao v4review
CD154Liszt Tchaikovsky PCsreview
CD155Rachmaninov PCsreview
CD156Chopin waltzesreview
CD157Schumann Kinderszenenreview
CD158Shehori New York concerts v5review
CD159Vardi in memoriamreview
CD160Chopin balladesreview
CD161Chausson poeme Nadienreview
CD162Liszt Shehori v2review
CD163Mozart Beethoven PCsreview
CD165Beethoven str triosreview
CD166Shehori New York concerts v6review
CD167Chopin preludesreview
CD168Schubert v1review
CD169Beethoven pno sonatasreview
CD170Chopin etudesreview
CD171Schumann Grieg PCsreview
CD172Shehori New York concerts v7review
CD173Dances and visionsreview
CD174Beethoven sonatas PC5review
CD175Brahms PC1review
CD176Bach WTC v1review
CD177Bach WTC v2review
CD178Bach WTC v3review
CD179Bach WTC v4review
CD180Brahms PC2review
CD181Shehori New York concerts v8review
CD184Learning by example v4review