BR Klassik

900016Tchaikovsky Romeo and Julietreview
900104Tchaikovsky sy5review review
900108Beethoven sy9review
900109Bruckner sy5review
900111Brahms sys 2 & 3review review
900112Brahms sys 1 & 4review
900113Mahler sy9review
900114Gounod Schubert massesreview
900115Beethoven PC3review
900116Dvorak sy9review
900119Beethoven sys & reflectionsreview
900120Britten war requiemreview review
900122Schumann Faustreview review review
900123Shostakovich Tchaikovsky sy6review review
900124Strauss Alpine syreview review review
900125Haydn Creationreview review review
900126Verdi requiemreview review
900127Strauss Don Juanreview review
900129Tchaikovsky Queen of spadesreview review
900130Beethoven missareview review
900132Mahler sy6review review
900133Wagner Rheingoldreview
900135Beethoven sys 4 & 5review
900137Beethoven sys 7 & 8review
900139Beethoven sy9review
900140Brahms sysreview
900141Stravinsky Petrushkareview review
900142Dvorak Stabat materreview review
900143Mahler sy1review review review
900144Sibelius sy2review review
900145Dvorak sy8review review review
900146Rhapsodyreview review
900147Bruckner sy6review review review
900148Strauss Alpine syreview review
900149Mahler sy3review review
900150Mahler sy5review review
900151Mahler sy9review
900154Rachmaninov Bellsreview review
900156Beethoven sy9review
900157Jansons portraitreview
900164Mozart sysreview
900165Bruckner sy8review review
900166Bruckner sy8review
900167Mahler sy2review review review
900168Stravinsky firebird, ritereview
900169Schubert sy9review
900170Beethoven massreview
900172Mahler Lied von der erdereview review
900173Bruckner sy9review review
900174Haitink portrait review
900176Schumann Schubert sysreview review
900177Wagner Walkure review
900178Saint-Saens sy3review review
900179Mahler sy1review review
900180Beethoven sy9review
900182Strauss Zarathustra review review
900183Respighi Pines Shchedrin Carmenreview
900184Shostakovich sy7review review
900185Shostakovich sy10review review
900187Bruckner sy4review
900188Suk Asraelreview review
900189Bruckner sy3review review
900190Bruckner sy6review
900191Shostakovich sy5review
900192Jansons last concertreview review
900196Mozart Sym 39-41 Blomstedtreview review review
900199Verdi requiemreview review
900201Poulenc Stabat materreview
900202Shostakovich sy9 PC1review review
900203Messiaen Transfiguration review review
900205Mahler sy9review review
9002061923review review
900207Tchaikovsky Symph 5 Mehtareview
900208Holst Planetsreview review
900209Mahler Symph 7 Haitinkreview
900213Bruckner Symph 4 Haitinkreview
900303Mirella Frenireview
900305Margaret Pricereview
900306Lucia Poppreview
900307Hermann Preyreview
900308Elisabeth Grummerreview
900310Great Wagner voicesreview
900311Braunfels Verkundigungreview review
900312Michael Vollereview
900313Great Verdi voicesreview review
900314Fritz Wunderlichreview review
900315Fritz Wunderlich radio recs LPreview
900317Ravel L’heure espagnolereview
900318Bonitatibus Travestireview
900319Part livereview review
900320Durufle requiemreview review
900321Rossini arias Rebekareview review
900322Banse liebereview review
900323Verdi Luisa Millerreview
900325Gruberova radio recsreview
900326Suppe overturesreview review
900327Rossini Sigismondo review review
900328Verdi I due Foscarireview review
900329Famous opera chorusesreview
900330Verdi Attila review
900331Kuljeric Croatian requiem review
900336Vasks str orch wksreview
900337Mendelssohn string sys review review
900339Ullmann Kaiserreview
900340Beethoven Egmontreview
9003421923 Capletreview review
900344Silvestrov requiem review
900345Hindemith Cardillacreview review
9003501929. Eisler & Künneke Jazz band & orchestrareview
900501Handel Israel in Egyptreview
900503Choral arrangementsreview
900505Schnittke Part choral wksreview
900508Bach Matthew passionreview
900510Handel Messiahreview review
900511Part choral wksreview review
900512Bach CHristmas oratorioreview
900519Mendelssohn psalms review review
900520Handel occasional oratorioreview review
900522Elgar partsongs review review
900523Bach motetsreview
900526Dvorak Stabat mater review
900530Mozart massreview
900635Saunders Stillreview
900638Adamek Follow mereview
900642Ospald Más Raíz, Menos Criaturareview
900704Franck sy Kondrashinreview review
900705Elgar enigma vars VW sy6review
900707Strauss 4 last songsreview
900709Mozart PCsreview
900712Schubert sysreview
900713Mozart & Guldareview
900714Mahler sysreview
900717Brahms Haydn sys Klempererreview
900718Bruckner sys Jansonsreview
900719Mahler sysreview
900902Bach Christmas oratorioreview
900906Mozart PCsreview
900909Bach St John passionreview review
900910Bach massreview
900917Mozart massreview
900926Mozart requiemreview review
403571900101Mahler sy7review
403571900102Haydn sy88, massreview
403571900103Haydn sy88, massreview
403571900500Martin Kodaly massesreview