Belair Classiques

BAC001Pugni La fillereview
BAC097Wagner Parsifalreview
BAC104Verdi Aidareview
BAC105RimskyK Tsar’s bridereview
BAC109Verdi trovatorereview
BAC110Strauss Elektrareview
BAC129Berg Lulureview
BAC138Rameau Les indes galantesreview
BAC144Debussy Pelleasreview
BAC150Mozart Lucio Sillareview
BAC154Britten Billy Budd review
BAC158Bernstein wonderful townreview
BAC162Weill Street scenereview
BAC163Delibes Coppelia review
BAC169Rossini Barber of Sevillereview
BAC173Janacek House of the deadreview
BAC186RimskyK Snow maidenreview
BAC217Mozart Figaroreview
BAC295Pas d’ecolereview
BAC413Auber Marco Spadareview
BAC422Wagner Tannhauserreview
BAC428Wagner Parsifalreview
BAC442Bellini I puritani review
BAC443Shostakovich Golden age review
BAC445Tchaikovsky Iolantareview review
BAC446Tchaikovsky Oneginreview review
BAC447RimskyK Golden cockerelreview review
BAC448Verdi Nabucco review review
BAC450Mozart Lucio Sillareview
BAC463Delibes Coppelia review
BAC469Rossini Barbierereview
BAC482Minkus Bayadere review
BAC486RimskyK Snow maidenreview
BAC488RimskyK Sadkoreview review
BAC517Mozart Figaroreview
BAC552Levinas Passionreview
BAC554Britten Billy Budd review review
BAC562Weill Street scenereview
BAC571Galerie Doreereview
BAC573Janacek House of the deadreview review
BAC574Tchaikovsky Swan Lakereview review
BAC580Prokofiev R & Jreview review
BAC607Donizetti 3 operasreview
BAC615Zakharova Bolshoi review
BAC616Zakharova Bolshoi review
BAC618Hallberg Bolshoireview
BAC622Verona operas v1review
BAM2037Mozart PCsreview
BAM2039Anita Chenreview
BAM2040Rachmaninov PC2review
BAM2041Foster orch wksreview review