Albion Records

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ALBCD001Songs from operas (Sky shall be)review
ALBCD002Early songs (Kissing her hair)review
ALBCD006Songs for mixed chorus (Hope is shining)review
ALBCD009Music in the heartreview
ALBCD010Folk songsreview
ALBCD014VW archive recsreview
ALBCD016The Solentreview
ALBCD020Cambridge Massreview
ALBCD021-2Bursts of Acclamationreview
ALBCD028VW discoveriesreview
ALBCD029Purer than pearlreview
ALBCD030Sing willowreview
ALBCD031Works for 2 pianosreview
ALBCD032I love my lovereview review
ALBCD033VW Greek playsreview
ALBCD034Earth & skyreview
ALBCD035VW Christmasreview
ALBCD036VW viola fantasiareview
ALBCD037VW Song of lovereview
ALBCD038Time and spacereview
ALBCD039Albion’s journeyreview
ALBCD040Sykes Fearful symmetryreview
ALBCD041Music for stage and screenreview
ALBCD042Folksongs v1review review
ALBCD043Folksongs v2review review
ALBCD044Folksongs v3review
ALBCD045Folksongs v4review review
ALBCD046VW London sy 2pnoreview
ALBCD047Walton sy 1 pno duetreview
ALBCD048VW in Americareview review
ALBCD049Transcriptions from Truroreview
ALBCD050Oxford Christmasreview
ALBCD051VW Earth’s wide boundsreview review
ALBCD052VW on brassreview review review
ALBCD053VW serenadereview review review
ALBCD054VW Pan’s anniversaryreview review review review
ALBCD055The first songs of travelreview review review
ALBCD057Portraits of a mindreview review review