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AECD0209Dufourt Cycle “Les Hivers”review
AECD0210Canat de Chizy Chamber Musicreview
AECD0311Kagel works for small ensemblereview
AECD0312Hindemith Vln Sonatas & Lévinas Les Lettresreview
AECD0313Haydn SQ Op 54 No 1-3review
AECD0314Felicity Lott French songs Chausson Ravel Duparcreview
AECD0315Bruno Mantovani chamber & vocal worksreview
AECD0317Schubert Sonatinas for piano & violinreview
AECD0418Schumann Str Quartetsreview
AECD0424Piazzolla tangosreview
AECD0425Berio Feldman Desjardinsreview
AECD0426Magnard Faure str qtsreview
AECD0529Campo PCreview
AECD0531Jarrell Music for a whilereview
AECD0535Bach vln sons partitasreview
AECD0636Russian cel sonsreview
AECD0637Saariaho cello wksreview
AECD0639Kagel Schnittke pno triosreview
AECD0643Strozzi vocal wksreview
AECD0746Murail Le lacreview
AECD0747Mozart str qtsreview
AECD0752Jarrell prismereview
AECD0754Combier Vies silencieusesreview
AECD0860Berio Boulez Vincent Davidreview
AECD0861Dutilleux CC & interviewreview
AECD1090Harvye Speakingsreview
AECD1100Ligeti vla sonreview
AECD1102Mantovani 2 vla concreview
AECD1105Canat de Chizy orch wksreview
AECD1106Bedrossian manifestoreview
AECD1107Piazzolla Encuentroreview
AECD1109Xenakis cello wksreview
AECD1110Beethoven late str qtsreview
AECD1113Berlioz Britten Barber song cyclesreview
AECD1216Divitis requiemreview
AECD1221Champagne chansonnier review
AECD1225Gerhard str qtsreview
AECD1227Cage prepared pnoreview
AECD1230Corigliano Carter clar concsreview
AECD1332Ligeti str qtsreview
AECD1333Bach art of fuguereview
AECD1545Haydn Scarlatti sonatasreview
AECD1546Pecou Liaisonsreview
AECD1649Pesson Blancreview
AECD1753Dusapin str qtsreview
AECD1756Dusapin itemreview
AECD1858Adamek sinuous voicesreview