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Uncertainties and conflicting or missing information: can you help?

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In putting together this project, we have occasionally come across uncertainties or conflicting information about the existence of cello concertos or whom composed them. The most significant instances are listed below. Although it has been possible to date (and therefore include in the timelines) most concertos written in the last two centuries, there are now well over two hundred undated concertos (these are listed here) and some composers for whom we have found no date of birth or death at all. Whilst we have endeavoured to find a recording of every concerto listed, it is likely that some have been missed. If you are aware of any information which would help to resolve such issues we should be pleased to hear from you by e-mail to: Please also let us know if you come across any links which no longer work.

Helen Somerville Andersen – we can only find evidence of the third movement of her cello concerto (from an archive of her husband’s papers). Is there any other information relating to this work available?

Daniel Auber – did he write four or five cello concertos?

Joseph-Anton and Max Bohrer – there is uncertainty about how many cello concertos these brothers wrote and, in particular, as to who composed the concerto written around 1819

Antoon Bouman – did he write three or four cello concertos?

Walter Buczynski – was the concerto he wrote in 1980 for cello or violin (or are there both)?

Pierre Alexandre Chevillard – did he write one or two cello concertos?

Gaetano Ciandelli – were the two concertos written by the father or son?

François Cupis de Renoussard – are the concerto in D that has been recorded and the Concerto à grand orchestre pour le violoncelle from 1783 the same work? And is the attribution of the latter work to his nephew Cupis de Camargo (le jeune) cited from German Wikipedia incorrect?

Gabriel Fauré – did he write a double cello concerto?

Vittorio Fenzi – we found evidence of two cello concertos but one source quotes four

Charles Louis Hanssens (le jeune) – did he write one or three concertos?

Oliver Knussen – does any part of the cello concerto he was commissioned to write survive?

Cecily Lambert – concrete biographical information on this composer is lacking

David Loeb – evidence for his first concerto is lacking

Ignác František Mára – how many cello concertos did he compose?

Maegolin and Heinrich Megelin – are they the same composer?

Felix Mendelssohn – does any more information exist about the lost cello concerto?

Vladimir Pantchev – any further information about the works mentioned, and particularly the recording of Badi Neveroyaten by Anatoli Krastev, would be welcome

Anton Schwarz – is there more information about the authorship of this cello concerto?

Carl Stamitz – did he write five or six cello concertos?

İlhan Usmanbaş – any further information about the instrumentation of the work would be welcome

We would also like to ask for any information about the following work:

Anonymous concerto part for cello found in the papers of cellist Maurice Eisenberg by Yuriy Leonovich

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