Toccata Classics

Brahms Schumann Holloway arr Toccata TOCC0450

Brahms by Arrangement, Volume 2 (Toccata Classics)

Skilful, sympathetic orchestrations which are definitely worth hearing, especially by those who love the music of Brahms [JQ]

Lambert: Music for Brass and Organ (Toccata Classics)

Fine performances of fine music [WK]

Center: Instrumental and Chamber Music Vol. 3 (Toccata Classics)

More music by an almost reclusive, highly original composer, played with understanding and care [GH]

Center chamber3 TOCC0723

Center: Instrumental & Chamber Music Vol 3

The final instalment of Christopher Guild’s imaginative survey of Center’s piano music [JF]

Scott: Orchestral Works Volume Three (Toccata Classics)

Appealing lighter music, when it hangs together [SV]

Hermann vol3 TOCC0623

Hermann: Complete Surviving Music Vol. 3 (Toccata Classics)

A fitting finale to the three-volume Hermann series; a carousel of small pleasures [JW]

klein biography fligg toccata

Don’t Forget About Me (Toccata Press)

A powerful and moving study of a potential great of Czech 20th Century music [NB]

Flury: Chamber Music Vol. 1 (Toccata Classics)

Flury’s romanticism on rather low wattage in his string quartets [JW]

klein biography fligg toccata

Don’t Forget About Me (Toccata Press)

A gripping, if tragic story of a composer and pianist who died too young [MMB]

Alkan organ works v1 Toccata TOCC0030

Alkan: Organ Works Vol. 1 (Toccata Classics)

(Déjà Review) Works of stature and originality … a strong recommendation [PCW]

Bonis Cpt piano works v1 Toccata TOCC0361

Bonis: Complete Piano Works, Vol 1 (Toccata Classics)

Well played attractive music bodes well for the developing complete survey [NB]

Kelly Chamber Music Toccata 10702

Kelly: Chamber Music (Toccata Classics)

Fine premiere recordings of chamber music by a little-known Australian who perished on the Somme [GH]

Cooke: Complete String Quartets Vol. 1 (Toccata Classics)

Committed and enthusiastic performances [JF]

Kelly chamber TOCC0702

Kelly: Chamber Music (Toccata Classics)

More Kelly premieres expand our knowledge of the short-lived Australian [JW]

Cooke Quartets1 TOCC0696

Cooke: Complete String Quartets Vol. 1 (Toccata Classics)

Warmly welcomed works by a somewhat underappreciated composer [JW]

Wordsworth piano TOCC0697

William Wordsworth: Complete Music for Solo Piano (Toccata Classics)

Christopher Guild brings clarity, enthusiasm and commitment to this music [JF]

Cooke String Quartets v1 Toccata TOCC0696

Cooke: String Quartets Vol 1 (Toccata Classics)

The first of two volumes of Cooke’s string quartets augurs well [HC]

Derek Scott orchestral music v3 Toccata TOCC0700

Scott: Orchestral Works Vol. 3 (Toccata Classics)

Derek Scott encountered in a third disc of his music; tone poems, fantasies and darker music [JW]

Stohr orchestral v2 Toccata TOCC0472

Stöhr: Orchestral Music Vol. 2 (Toccata Classics)

Substantial ‘forgotten’ scores presented in the best possible light [NB]

Stamp: Chamber Music Vol.1 (Toccata Classics)

Cleverly-shaped wind music in an often enchanted populist blend [RB]

Myaskovsky vol2 TOCC067

Myaskovsky: Vocal Works Vol. 2

More premiere recordings of Myaskovsky’s introspective songs [JW]

Bruk: Symphonies 15 & 16 (Toccata Classics)

Emotionally charged and challenging music offers much food for thought [SG]

Brahms by Arrangement Vol. 2 (Toccata Classics)

Three successful orchestrations, especially that of the Piano Quintet [SB]

Litolff Piano1 TOCC0666

Litolff: Piano Music Vol. 1 (Toccata Classics)

Tuneful, melodious and well played; it certainly doesn’t deserve the neglect it has received [JWe]