Busoni Violin Sonatas Tactus TC860203

Busoni: Violin Sonatas (Tactus)

Busoni’s violin sonatas are well worth hearing [SB]

Martini: Sacred music (Tactus)

Welcome compilation of sacred music by a teacher of Mozart [CRo]

Aichinger Virginalia 1607 Tactus TC560101

Aichinger: Virginalia 1607 – Motets (Tactus)

Discover complete Marian motets by a respected but largely forgotten late-Renaissance German master [GH]

d’Ambrosio: Works for String Quartet & Quintet (Tactus)

Premiere recordings of Alfredo d’Ambrosio’s ever-vernal charmers [JW]

Bigaglia: Cantate per soprano e continuo (Tactus)

Lovers of baroque vocal music, keen to expand their horizons, should investigate [JV]

Vivaldi cello TC672291

Vivaldi: Cello Sonatas (Tactus)

Mesmerising cello sonatas by Antonio Vivaldi [DF]

torelli concerti TC652090

Torelli: Concerti Grossi (Tactus)

The whole package provides the utmost satisfaction [DF]

mandolin gimo collection tactus

Mandolin works from the Gimo Collection (Tactus)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this recording, especially the sonatas by Gervasio [JV]

Brescianello: Works for Solo Lute (Tactus)

An agreeable invitation into the intimate world of solo Baroque lute music [CRo]

Pegolotti Trattenimenti Armonici Tactus TC661604

Pegolotti: Trattenimenti Armonici (Tactus)

Well-written pieces, which receive fine performances by Opera Qvinta [JV]

Giovannini Mass Tactus TC700703

Giovannini: Mass (Tactus Records)

A curious combination of an 18th-century mass, 17th-century organ music and ‘neo gregorian’ chants [JV]

Galilei V and M Zimmerman Tactus TC520004

Galilei, M and V: Music for Lute (Tactus)

A pleasing anthology of late Renaissance solo lute music by members of the Galilei family [MS]