Deja Review Janacek Makropulos Case Prague Supraphon 10835126122

Janáček: The Makropulos Case (Supraphon)

(Déjà Review) This has an unmistakably authentic feel about it, with acerbic Czech brass playing, the difficult language easily rolling off the tongue, and the conductor and cast obviously totally inside the piece. It deserves success [TH]

Forgotten Czech PCs Supraphon SU43372

Forgotten Czech Piano Concertos (Supraphon)

Attractive though not world-beating recordings of little-remembered Czech Piano Concertos [JW]

dvorak trios suprahon

Dvořák: The Complete Piano Trios (Supraphon)

If this doesn’t win every award going I will be astonished [DMD]

Suk: Chamber Works Volume 3 (Supraphon)

(Déjà Review) One of the most enjoyable discs I have heard for a long while [CF]

Bella Adamova (contralto) There is home (Supraphon)

A superb recital of art songs, all of which perfectly suit her crystal-clear voice [SA]

Novák: Concentus biiugis, Choreae vernales, Concerto for two pianos (Supraphon)

Jan Novák’s daughters record his scores with vitality and filial authority [JW]

Mozart: Concertos; Voříšek: Symphony (Supraphon)

(Déjà Review) More great music-making from the Ančerl Gold Series [DS]

Martinu Sym 3 4 Belohlavek Supraphon SU36312

Martinů: Symphonies 3 & 4 (Supraphon)

(Déjà Review) An auspicious launch for the first fresh new Martinů cycle of the new century [RB]

Smetana Ma vlast four hands Supraphon SU37122

Smetana: Má Vlast for piano four hands (Supraphon)

(Déjà Review) An impossible task accomplished – 20 fingers doing what 100 orchestra players can do [PSh]

jistebnicky Bohemian pre-reformation supraphon

Jistebnický Kancionál (Supraphon)

It is hard to see a better ensemble to take care of these chants than the Tiburtina Ensemble [JV]

Smetana: Má Vlast (Supraphon)

(Déjà Review) Ančerl and his wonderful orchestra are the ‘real thing’ – buy, hear and believe! [PJL]

Tuma TeDeum SU43152

Tuma: Te Deum (Supraphon)

A little-remembered Bohemian on the cusp of Classicism [JW]