Stevenson friends PFCD202

Ronald Stevenson & Friends (Prima Facie)

A wonderful memorial to a great Scottish pianist and composer by his friends in music [GT]

Ronald Stevenson and Friends Prima Facie PFCD202

Ronald Stevenson and Friends (Prima Facie)

A fitting tribute to one of the greatest, but sadly underrated, British composers of the last hundred years [JF]

Stevenson: Piano Music Volume Six (Toccata Classics)

Another strong entrant in an excellent series of recordings from Toccata [MSt]

Metamorphosis Contemporary Harpsichord Prima Facie PFCD191

Contemporary Music for Harpsichord (Prima Facie)

A persuasive survey of music written for the twentieth-century harpsichord revival [MSt]

Ronald Stevenson: Piano Music Vol. 6 (Toccata Classics)

Volume 6 of a remarkable cycle [JF]