Korngold, Coll & Brahms: Piano Trios (Rubicon)

Trio Isimsiz leave a positive impression [LW]

Arwel Hughes Saint David Rubicon RCD1100

Hughes: Oratorio – Dewi Sant (Rubicon)

A fine new recording of a Welsh oratorio [JQ]

Schubert mullerin RCD1086

Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin (Rubicon)

A fresh and stimulating alternative reading of Schubert’s masterwork that I urge readers to give a try [GF]

Wof-Ferrari I quatro rusteghi Rubicon RCD1024

Wolf-Ferrari: I quatro rusteghi (Rubicon)

An odd and at times rather sharp-edged and disconcerting satirical comedy [RMo]

Schubert qts RCD1082

Schubert: String Quartets (Rubicon Classics)

Raw, bleeding late Schubert [DMD]

British String Quartets (Rubicon Classics)

A lovely Celtic inflected collection of rarities [DMD]

Noir jour Martinova RCD1108

Nuit et Jour (Rubicon)

Martinova’s abandoned musical personality unleashes no holds barred Ravel but less successful Debussy [DMD]