A Year at Newcastle Regent REGCD582

A Year at Newcastle (Regent)

An absorbing exploration of 20th-century church music, and a few recent compositions [JF]

Gill Love Illuminates Regent REGCD574

Gill: Love Illuminates (Regent)

Restraint is the key-word here. Joanna Gill’s mottos: love, peace, reconciliation are whispered, not shouted. Smile governs over tears. Light over darkness [GF]

sweet was the song tewkesbury regent

Sweet was the Song (Regent)

A Christmas disc that deserves to stand out from the crowd [JQ]

A Year at Llandaff (Regent)

A splendidly eclectic church music mainly from the past two centuries [JF]

Thomas Trotter (organ): Symphony Hall Sorcery (Regent)

Thomas Trotter’s technique and irrepressible enthusiasm shine in every bar [JF]

weelkes choral regent

Weelkes: What joy so true (Regent)

A splendid contribution to the Weelkes commemoration [JV]

Canticle of sun hill regent REGCD567

The Canticle of the Sun (Regent)

An interesting programme, impressively performed [JQ]

Pascoe requiem REGCD549

Pascoe: Secular Requiem (Regent)

A major achievement which articulates many profound emotions [JQ]