Rise salford PRCD1249

Rise Up and Wonder (Priory)

New sacred music of talented women composers, sung by a fine and sympathetic choir [GH]

Carnival priory PRCD1247

Carnival (Priory)

A balanced and unusual programme which also displays the tonal richness of an organ still little known. [MSt]

Bairstow: The Complete Organ Works (Priory)

Splendid organ works by a composer better-known for his choral music [WK]

milford organ priory

Milford: Complete Organ Works (Priory)

An excellent recording of little-known music by a pupil of Vaughan Williams and contemporary of Finzi [MSt]

Milford organ PRCD1246

Milford: Organ Works (Priory)

A very valuable survey establishing the quality and beauty of Milford’s sensitive compositions [NB]

Chilcott Christmas PRCD1240

Chilcott: On Christmas Night (Priory)

Creditable performances of two attractive works, somewhat compromised by the recorded sound [JQ]