Tarkiainen Midnight ODE14322

Tarkiainen: Midnight Sun Variations (Ondine)

Music that is predominantly static but the composer’s skill means that it never drags [PRJ]

Tarkiainen: Midnight Sun Variations (Ondine)

A fine survey of Tarkiainen’s recent work, and a great introduction to her attractive sound world [HC]

Bach Sonatas Violin and Keyboard Ondine ODE1446-2D

Bach: Sonatas for Violin and Keyboard (Ondine)

Melodically rich and well-crafted works, splendidly performed [SG]

Mustonen Symphs 2 3 Turku PO Ondine ODE14222

Mustonen: Symphonies Nos 2 & 3 (Ondine)

Two attractive works by this gifted Finnish composer [SB]

Lutoslawski concerto ODE14442

Lutosławski: Orchestral works (Ondine)

Spectacular in every respect [SG]

In Memoriam Lars Vogt Tetzlaffs Ondine ODE14232

In Memoriam Lars Vogt: Brahms, Viotti & Dvořák (Ondine)

The Tetzlaffs’ tribute to the late Lars Vogt leaves a mixed impression [LW]

Brahms: Double Concerto; Viotti: Violin Concerto No. 22; Dvořák: Silent Woods (Ondine)

A touching tribute by elite musicians to a friend and colleague [DMD]

Respighi: Roman Trilogy (Ondine)

An outstanding performance and recording of these orchestral showpieces [EJW]

korvits sound wings ondine

Kõrvits: The Sound of Wings (Ondine)

A beautiful new work from Estonia which will add to the growing reputation of the composer [PCG]

Kõrvits: The Sound of Wings (Ondine)

Excellent performances in fine sound [HC]

Korvits wings ODE14172

Kõrvits: The Sound of Wings (Ondine)

Inhabits and gives voice to regions of angelic eternity [RB]

Beethoven Symphonies Trevino Ondine ODE1348-5Q SACD

Beethoven: The 9 Symphonies (Ondine)

Beethoven for the 2020s [LD]

Bacewicz: Piano concerti (Ondine)

Impeccable performances and superb recording, a must for Bacewicz fans [HC]

Melchers: Symphony, La Kermesse, Élégie (Ondine)

Spirited and persuasive performances [SG]

Cage Choral Works Ondine ODE1402-2

Cage: Choral Works (Ondine)

An interesting corner of John Cage’s output expertly performed by a choir and conductor who really understand and enjoy working in the idiom [MS]

Berg Brahms Violin Concertos Tetzlaff Ondine ODE1410-2

Brahms and Berg: Violin Concertos (Ondine)

Christian Tetzlaff provides outstanding performances of the two concertos [MC]

Maskats: Tango (Ondine)

Attractive, often beautiful works in superb performances and recordings, worth repeated hearing [HC]

Wennäkoski: Sigla, Flounce, Sedecim (Ondine)

Brilliantly imagined, often beautiful works in splendid, committed performances [HC]

schubert trios ondine

Schubert: Piano Trios (Ondine)

Ideal performances of great works – and a fitting memorial to Lars Vogt [RMo]

Brahms and Berg: Violin Concertos (Ondine)

Masterly performances of two major concertos by a violinist at the height of his powers with superb and sympathetic orchestral playing in support [SB]

Ravel orchestral ODE14162

Ravel: Orchestral Works (Ondine)

The two main works here are especially well performed, and in good sound [RWe]