Northern Flowers

Leningrad String Quartets (Northern Flowers)

Four largely unknown Leningrad quartets in committed performances [RB]

Banschikov Piano Sonata Northern Flowers NFPMA99155

Banschikov: Sonatas for Piano, Flute & Bayan (Northern Flowers)

Fierce, angular melancholia, deliberate clarity and a turned-inwards icy-acid virtuosity [RB]

rubinstein cello northern flowers

Rubinstein: Cello Concertos (Northern Flowers)

Engagingly unfamiliar works from the last two centuries each presented with conviction [RB]

Leningrad Choral Music (Northern Flowers)

Three surprising and often skilled composers of winningly varied choral music from the city’s Leningrad years [RB]

Salmanov: Works for Choir (Northern Flowers)

Sensitivity to sentiment, dynamically responsive, sung with a passion that does not jeopardise unanimity [RB]