Bedford In the Voices of the Living NMC D272

Bedford: In the Voices of the Living (NMC)

Bedford’s music is adventurous, exciting, humane and quite devoid of blandness or the easy option. Terrific performances and sonics [RHa]

Woolrich: The Ghost in the Machine (NMC)

(Déjà Review) Woolrich definitely has things to say and knows how to say them in the musically most satisfying way [HC]

casken darting skiff nmc

Casken: Darting the Skiff (NMC)

(Déjà Review) Truly inventive and stimulating music [TH]

Musgrave: Orchestral Works (NMC)

(Déjà Review) Musgrave at her most compelling, given excellent performances [CT]

Ferneyhough: Shadowtime (NMC)

(Déjà Review) An amazing, fascinating and complex masterpiece that repays repeated listening [AO]