Nigel Harris

Piston: Symphony No. 4, Capriccio, Three New England Sketches (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) A must-buy featuring some truly outstanding 20th century American music [NH]

Saint-Saëns, Glazunov: Violin Concerti  (Challenge Classics)

Virtuosic but not exceptional performances of a pair of Romantic concertos [NH]

Poetiques l'instant alpha ravel

Poetiques de l’instant II (Alpha Classics)

A mixed bag that contains some stylish and absorbing Ravel [NH]

Beethoven sonatas 8553512

Beethoven: Violin Sonatas (CAvi-Music)

Outstandingly characterful Beethoven to begin a new series [NH]

mozart concertos alpha

Mozart: Concertos (Alpha Classics)

Youthful but remarkably distinguished Mozart concerto performances [NH]

Beach sym 8559139

Beach: Symphony, Piano Concerto (Naxos)

A brilliant bargain performance of Amy Beach’s two major orchestral works – snap it up [NH]

Todd: Saint Cuthbert (Mawson & Wareham)

A superb must buy for anyone remotely interested in British choral/contemporary music [NH]