grosz proscrits forgotten

Wilhelm Grosz (conductor) 1933: Les Chefs proscrits (Forgotten Records)

The protean but short-lived Wilhelm Grosz in popular fare from Weimar Berlin [JW]

Schubert Liszt Der Wanderer Songs Piano Classics PCL10271

Schubert/Liszt: Der Wanderer (Piano Classics)

Liszt’s reworkings of Schubert are well worth considering [SB]

Liszt: Transcriptions from Operas, Piano Music Volume 61 (Naxos)

Some poetic moments but little sparkle or brilliance [MB]

Levitzki HMV APR

Mischa Levitzki (piano) Complete HMV Recordings (APR)

Lots to enjoy from this pianist who died too young [RCh]

Liszt Meyrowitz St. Laurent Studios YSL133678

Liszt: A Faust Symphony, Les Préludes (St Laurent Studio)

Uncontrived, yet revelatory, interpretations from a neglected podium auteur [NC]

Levitzki HMV APR

Mischa Levitzki (piano): Complete HMV Recordings (APR)

This splendid twofer just shouldn’t be missed [SG]

Essential Royal Ballet and Pas de Deux Opus Arte OA1379BD

Essential Royal Ballet; Pas de Deux (Opus Arte)

A fine starter pack for exploring top-notch live ballet on film [RWe]

Legende von Lerber Harp Claves CD503048

Légende – Solo harp works (Claves)

A consistently engaging anthology of ‘romantic’ music for solo harp, all perceptively played [GPu]

egorov cliburn dehaan

Youri Egorov (piano) 1977 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition (DeHaan Records)

A welcome addition to the Egorov discography [SG]

levit fantasia sony

Igor Levit (piano): Fantasia (Sony Classical)

Another outstanding recital from Levit, with a superb version of the big Busoni work [SB]

arrau early years marston

Claudio Arrau (piano) The Early Years (Marston)

(Déjà Review) No Arrau admirer would want to be without it [JW]

bacchetti concert monarda

Andrea Bacchetti (piano): In Concert (Monarda Music)

More than just a souvenir of a fine recital [DC]

Cherkassky 78s apr7316 1

Shura Cherkassky (piano): The Complete 78-rpm Recordings 1923-1950 (APR)

An opportunity to savour Cherkassy’s seductive magic [SG]

Liszt: Orchestral Songs (Aparté)

The soloists are in fine form in this collection of Liszt’s orchestral songs in engaging period performances [MC]

Backhaus acoustic APR7317

Wilhelm Backhaus (piano) Complete Acoustic & Selected Electric Recordings (APR)

A wonderful completion of APR’s series exploring Backhaus’ exciting early recording career [RCh]

Liszt vol2 PFCD21011

Liszt: Piano Works Vol. 2 (Prima Facie)

If you haven’t yet caught up with Hamilton’s Liszt then what are you waiting for? [DMD]

Tchaikovsky Sym 5 Mehta BR Klassik 900207

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No 5 (BR Klassik)

These are striking performances of Tchaikovsky’s renowned Fifth Symphony and Liszt’s Mazeppa [MC]

Wilhelm Backhaus (piano) The Complete Acoustic and Selected Electric Recordings (APR)

Backhaus’s earliest recordings reappear, in largely pre-existing restorations, to renewed triumph [JW]

Shura Cherkassky (piano) Complete Recordings (APR)

Astonishing playing from a giant of the piano world [RCh]

Liszt: Années de Pèlerinage (cpo)

A generous collection of Liszt’s piano works, superbly performed, in acceptable sound [RWe]

Liszt vol2 PFCD21011

Liszt: Salon and Stage (Prima Facie)

This wonderful recital shows the amazing breadth of Liszt’s response to the composers who wrote for stages both grand and intimate [RCh]

Liszt Faust Symph Karabits Audite 97761

Liszt: Faust Symphony (Audite)

Another superb Liszt performance by the Staatskapelle Weimar with Kirill Karabits [JWe]

Estrellita (Orchid Classics)

The album works equally well for close listening and as agreeable background music late at night [GF]

Liszt Yundi 4715852

Liszt: Piano works (Deutsche Grammophon)

(Déjà Review) A fine choice for those who enjoy their Liszt stirred, not shaken [MM]