Lawo Classics

Trio Brax: Works for Viola, Tenor Saxophone and Piano (LAWO Classics)

Interesting and engaging repertoire expertly played and recorded [MB]

Cikada Live – Huddersfield / Donaueschingen (LAWO Classics)

Klaus Lang’s stately Parthenon is the must-hear item here [RHa]

Delius: Eine Messe des Lebens (LAWO Classics)

An outstanding recording of Eine Messe des Lebens [JQ]

Jacobssohn fields LWC1267

Ewa Jacobsson: Hearbaricum Fields (Lawo)

The audio for a pair of audio-visual projects, one distinctive, the other less so [RHa]

Mozart and the Organ LAWO LWC1257

Mozart and the Organ (Lawo Classics)

Most of the epistle sonatas and the three late organ works on one convenient disc [SB]

Hellstenius Past and Presence LAWO LWC1229

Hellstenius: Past & Presence (Lawo Classics)

A compelling concerto is the standout from this splendidly performed and recorded monograph [RHa]

Delius mass LWC1265

Delius: A Mass of Life (LAWO Classics)

The mighty Mass of Life is revealed as a genuine masterpiece in this blazing performance [NB]

Mozart Organ Works LAWO LWC1257

Mozart and the Organ (LAWO Classics)

A rewarding disc which brings together early and late Mozart [GPu]

Glass patentia LWC1255

Glass & Bjerkestrand: Violin Concertos (lawo)

Fascinating music, fine performances and recording, poor presentation [WH]

Cello debussy LWC1260

Works for Cello & Piano (LAWO Classics)

An attractive programme, expertly performed [RWe]

Kvandal: String Quartets (LAWO Classics)

Norwegian variety from a less regarded composer [RB]

Nordheim: The Tempest (Lawo Classics)

Speaks directly and pleasurably to the composer’s creative impulse [RB]

Hvoslev chamber8 LWC1246

Hvoslef: Chamber Works XIII (Lawo)

Four highly contrasted works by an elder statesman of contemporary Norwegian music [GH]

Mustonen string quartet no1 LAWO LWC1243

Mustonen: Chamber Music (Lawo)

Two impressive new works by this versatile musician [SB]