Fairytales quartz QTZ2157

Fairy Tales (Quartz)

An eclectic programme, dynamically played if lacking complete virtuosic ease [NB]

Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No 2 (Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings)

In all respects, a worthy 150th anniversary tribute to Rachmaninov [JQ]

Kathleen Parlow (violin): Complete Recordings (Biddulph)

A long overdue salute to an overlooked Auer student and a Canadian violinist of technical polish [JW]

Estrellita (Orchid Classics)

The album works equally well for close listening and as agreeable background music late at night [GF]

Kreisler bell 850222

Fritz Kreisler: Bell Telephone Vol. 3 (Biddulph)

Kreisler’s 1945-50 radio broadcasts continue with a consistently good selection [JW]