Moore velvet HTGCD137

Moore: Velvet (Heritage)

Soothing music, best listened to individually [DJB]

Wordsworth, Wilson & McGuire: Piano Works (Heritage)

Impressive performances all around [JF]

A Child’s Christmas: Orchestral Music for Christmas (Heritage)

Enjoyable, approachable, interesting pieces [JF]

Parry piano HTGCD14041

Parry: Piano music (Heritage Records)

The pianist assimilates Parry’s earlier influences with his personal skill to create a satisfying whole [JF]

Peter Jacobs (piano) English Piano Rarities (Heritage)

This smorgasbord of fine English piano music demands exploration [JF]

Havergal Brian: Symphonies No. 8, 9, 22, 24 (Heritage)

Brilliant re-masterings of superb, and possibly definitive, recordings [JF]