Harmonia Mundi

Messiaen: Turangalîla-Symphonie (Harmonia Mundi)

A top-notch Turangalîla from Toronto; stellar sonics, too [DM]

Purcell fairy HAF890130809

Purcell: The Fairy Queen (Harmonia Mundi)

This 35-year-old recording is still a worthy competitor in a crowded field and the sound comes up as fresh as new paint [GF]

Charpentier Brossard Sacred Christmas Music HMM902707

Charpentier: Messe de minuit (Harmonia Mundi)

The perfect disc to musically celebrate Christmas [JV]

Chopin etudes HMU907282

Chopin: Etudes (Harmonia Mundi)

Chiu possesses a melting tone and a high level of musicianship [CC]

Schubert mullerin HMM902720

Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin (Harmonia Mundi)

A marvellous reading of Die schöne Müllerin that should please every lover of this indestructible masterwork [GF]

Mendelssohn: Piano Sonatas (Harmonia Mundi)

(Déjà Review) Chiu’s playing is interesting and sensitive … the most obvious choice for a single disc of Mendelssohn’s sonatas [PCW]

Schumann invitation HMM902509

An Invitation at the Schumanns’ (Harmonia Mundi)

A delightful easy-listening programme with a couple of more substantial morsels [GF]

Bach: Cantatas for Alto (Harmonia Mundi)

(Déjà Review) A disappointing recording, but a curiosity [KM]

sanctissima ora HMM90533435

Sanctissima (Harmonia Mundi)

A fascinating and rewarding mixture of old and new music [JQ]

Byrd consort HMU907383

Byrd: Consort Songs (Harmonia Mundi)

A varied well-chosen programme, beautifully sung and played [RH]

London 1740 HMM902613

London circa 1740 – Handel’s Musicians (Harmonia Mundi)

A compelling and entertaining survey of what was written and performed in London around 1740 [JV]

bach art of fugue harmonia mundi

Bach: The Art of Fugue (Harmonia Mundi)

Probably the best recording of the Art of Fugue I know [DMD]

ScarlattiG effetti 19658794542

Scarlatti G: I portentosi effetti della Madre Natura (Deutsche Harmonia Mundi)

A totally forgotten opera that every lover of 18th century opera should hasten to acquire [GF]

Handel: L’Allegro, il Penseroso (Harmonia Mundi)

There are at least a good half-dozen earlier recordings, but Christie can firmly stand by their side [GF]

ravel l'heure espagnole harmonia mundi

Ravel: L’heure espagnole (Harmonia Mundi)

No one interested in these two works will feel short-changed by its acquisition [GF]

fantasie melnikov harmonia mundi

Fantasie – 7 Composers, 7 Keyboards (Harmonia Mundi)

The most fun musical history lesson I can imagine [DMD]

handel giulio harmonia mundi scholl

Handel: Giulio Cesare (Harmonia Mundi)

Probably the best DVD version and one of the best in any format [BW]

Vivaldi, Leclair, Locatelli: Violin Concertos (Harmonia Mundi)

An excellent demonstration of what was written for the violin in the high baroque era [JV]

schutz david and salomon jourdain HMM905346

Schütz: David & Salomon (harmonia mundi)

An interesting production that is marred by some serious issues [JV]

Bach: Cantatas for Bass (Harmonia Mundi)

Anyone wanting a HIP recording of these deservedly popular cantatas need search no further [GF]

Kapsberger tedesco HMM902645

Kapsberger: Il Tedesco (Harmonia Mundi)

Kapsperger’s vocal oeuvre is very well served here [JV]