Bruckner syms 99311

Bruckner: 10 Symphonies (Gramola)

Grand, broad, live performances of Bruckner’s symphonies now collected in a box set [RMo]

Bruckner: Symphony No. 1 (Gramola)

Ballot completes his survey of Bruckner’s symphonies with another highly individual reading employing daringly extended tempi [RMo]

Ullmann: Little Cakewalk – Lieder (Gramola)

Over an hour of distressing singing sabotages this song selection [JW]

Jazz Violin Concertos (Gramola)

Crossover concerti triumphantly bridge the gap between Jazz and Classical [NB]

Jazz concertos 99284

Jazz Violin Concertos (Gramola)

A jazzy trio of violin concertos performed by the dashing Benjamin Schmid [JW]

Viennese Reflections (Gramola)

An unusual and illuminating programme of music for the organ with connections to Vienna [MSt]

Crossings atlantic 99278

Atlantic Crossings (Gramola)

An offbeat concept produces a very rewarding album [MP]

baroque arabesque gramola

Baroque Arabesque

A very enjoyable disc, full of delightful textures, infectious rhythms and inventive juxtapositions [GPu]

Vivaldi: Nulla pax in mundo (Gramola)

The performances are neat and stylish, but the expressive and theatrical features of Vivaldi’s music are underexposed [JV]

Nicht Wiedersehen Groissbock Gramola 99280

Nicht Wiedersehen! (Gramola)

The Mahler songs are the apex of this issue, but there are also some rarities that are well worth a listen [GF]

Streicher fortepiano 99273

The Nannette Streicher Fortepiano (Gramola)

A fresh perspective of solo piano music during the Vienna Classic period [DF]

Piano Music From Vienna (Gramola)

A vivid evocation of the opulence and spirit of Vienna [RCh]

Salon budapest 99249

Salon de Budapest (Gramola)

Wit and warmth from the Budapest of operetta and salon [JW]