Mozart: Symphonies 9, 14, 20 & 24 (Genuin)

Not everything gels perfectly, but when it does Klumpp impressively catches Mozart’s sense of adventure in a whole new world [MG]

Filigrane Genuin GEN24867

Adriana von Franqué (piano) Filigrane (Genuin)

Floating, atmospheric, finely crafted Parisian music [JF]

Dvorak Symphs 3 and 9 Genuin GEN24853

Dvořák: Symphonies Nos 3 & 9 (Genuin)

Well played and well recorded but interpretatively rather plain [NB]

Schubert: Winterreise (Genuin)

An imaginative and thoroughly rewarding re-working of Schbert’s Winterreise for voice, chorus and two accordions [PT]

Degenhof genuin GEN23807

The Degenhof Sessions (Genuin)

A wonderfully entertaining programme with some real treats [RCh}

shostakovich quartets genuin

Shostakovich: String Quartets 7-13 (Genuin)

Blazingly impressive performances given with intense virtuosity and musical insight [NB]

Eva Zöllner (piano accordion) – voces, señales (Genuin)

Contemporary Columbian music for the piano accordion which takes a great deal of getting used to [GH]

genuin schubert winterreise

Schubert: Winterreise (Genuin)

Seasoned collectors will derive much pleasure from this unusual arrangement [GF]

Brahms: Die schöne Magelone (Genuin)

The best case for Brahms’s song cycle [DF]

Mozart and his Europe (Genuin)

A beautiful tone and natural, unmannered playing and flexibility of phrasing [RCh]

Transcend Lux Nova Duo Genuin GEN23842

Transcend (Genuin)

An exciting collection of new music for accordion, guitar, and chamber orchestra [SW]

herz sterne genuin

Herz: Stars rise afar (Genuin)

A rewarding release, thought-provoking and inspiring [SG]

Moment of Eternity (Genuin)

A beautifully executed programme of solo piano music that has identity as its theme and its concealment behind masks [MSt]

JCF Bach: Die Auferweckung des Lazarus (Genuin)

Sympathetic and moving recording of an oratorio by JS Bach’s least-known musical son [CRo]

Bach Sterbens GEN22800

Die Kunst des Sterbens (Genuin)

This disc’s concept makes it a valuable addition to the Bach discography [JV]

Mozart: Symphonies (Genuin)

The outer movements of Symphony 41 are splendid; elsewhere Klumpp’s Mozart can be a shade relentless [MG]