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la belle dame em records

La Belle Dame (EM Records)

Largely early and apprentice works from British composers; sift with care [JW]

Fraser-Simson: Complete Settings of Songs by A.A. Milne (EM Records)

A complete delight [WK]

Warlock: Maltworms and Milkmaids (EM Records)

Exemplary performances and recording expose both the strengths and limitations of this elusive composer [NB]

Boughton: Of Delights and Passions (EM Records)

Music with melodic interest, well-devised formal structures and satisfying harmonies [JF]

eroica emrecords

Eroica (EM Records)

An interesting survey of different aspects of writing for solo violin [NB]

Boughton: Of Delights and Passions (EM Records)

Expressive directness and frolicsome invention in a series of Boughton disc premieres [JW]

eroica tovey elgar em records

Eroica (EM Records)

Rare British solo violin music [JW]

A New Light (EM Records)

A very measured Elgar Sonata and a world premiere of the Gurney Sonata [JW]