Paderewski: Manru (cpo)

A most welcome recording of a neglected opera [EJW]

Wranitzky String Quartets CPO 5554662

Wranitzky: String Quartets (cpo)

A good introduction to the chamber music of a marginalised composer [SA]

Flotow: Piano Concertos No. 1 & 2, Overtures (cpo)

Melodious, undemanding but always skilful and enjoyable light music [RMo]

Sperger: String Quartets (cpo)

Conventional Classical-era quartets, with some quirky details [SV]

Raff, Schreck, Jadassohn: Wind Serenades (cpo)

A delightful hour spent in the company of these three works [DJB]

BergN syms 7776652

Berg: Symphonies Nos 4 & 5 (cpo)

Two wildly contrasting symphonies from the Swedish military veterinarian [JW]

kaun symphony cpo

Kaun: Symphony 3 (cpo)

A German (temporary) expatriate’s little-known orchestral music [JW]

Schillings: String Quartet, String Quintet (cpo)

(Déjà Review) If only all recordings of unknown chamber music could be so well done [LF]

Gaito: Chamber Works for Piano & Strings (cpo)

A joy from start to finish [SG]

Cartellieri syms 7776672

Cartellieri: Complete Symphonies (cpo)

Worthy of your attention [SG]

Mayer E: Piano Concerto, overtures (cpo)

Attractive music but only the latermovertures are really outstanding [RCh]

Atterberg: Aladin (cpo)

An interesting operatic curiosity featuring lush writing for the orchestra and chorus [MP]

Onslow: Symphonies 1 & 3 (cpo)

(Déjà Review) Onslow’s is a voice that should be heard and not simply in relation to other bigger names [JW]

Pedersøn: Motets & Hymns (cpo)

This disc sheds light on liturgical practice in Denmark in the early 17th century [JV]

Bach family: Family Affairs [motets] (cpo)

An impressive survey of the art of the Bach family [JV]

Schein: Israels Brünnlein (cpo)

If you look for a recording of this collection, this production is a serious option to be considered [JV]

Liszt: Années de Pèlerinage (cpo)

A generous collection of Liszt’s piano works, superbly performed, in acceptable sound [RWe]

Brahms lieder6 9994462

Brahms: Lieder Vol. 6 (cpo)

(Déjà Review) An altogether splendid offering from artists who know and love this music [TB]

Gyrowetz: Flute Quartets (cpo)

Solid Classical construction, and occasionally more [SV]

Van der Pals: String Quartets Vol. 1 (cpo)

Gently melancholic chamber works from a less-well-remembered composer [JW]

Bottesini DBass 9996652

Bottesini: Double Bass Concertos (cpo)

(Déjà Review) The performances have fire, commitment and eloquence, and will surely convince even the most sceptical of listeners [TB]

praetorius schutz cpo

Praetorius & Schütz: Sacred Works (cpo)

Another recording of great importance and of great beauty from these performers [JV]

Becker Sacred Concertos and Sonatas cpo 5554642

Becker: Sacred Concertos & Sonatas (cpo)

Excellent performances of the complete sacred works of Dietrich Becker [JV]

Bruch Songs Dances cpo 5555052

Bruch: Songs and Dances (cpo)

An ingenious collection of dances, though perhaps not to be played straight through [JW]