Couperin F

spycket forgotten records

Sylvie Spycket (harpsichord) (Forgotten Records)

A short-lived harpsichordist heard in a bracingly robust recital [JW]

The King’s Playlist – recital (Linn)

A promising debut: a portrait of musical life at Louis XIV’s court [JV]

couperin lecons bis

F Couperin: Leçons de Ténèbres (BIS)

(Déjà Review) Music-making of a high order [RH]

Les Hautbois à la Chambre du Roi (Ricercar)

A fascinating picture of music at the time of Louis XIV [JV]

Couperin Les Concerts Royaux Château de Versailles CVS099

Couperin: Les Concerts Royaux (Château de Versailles)

Elegance and refinement were highly appreciated at the time, and that is exactly what we get here [JV]

Kagami Mirror viola da gamba Ramee RAM2204

Kagami – Mirror: viola da gamba pieces (Ramée)

Very personal choice of viola da gamba pieces, performed with much sensitivity [JV]

ek-stasis divine art

Ek-Stasis (Divine Art)

A splendid exploration of music set against the background of Classical mythology [JF]

Couperin messe CVS083

Couperin: Messe Pour Les Paroisses (Château de Versailles)

A significant achievement in realisation of 18th century French music [MS]