Gibbs qtets CR083

Gibbs: String quartets (Convivium)

Dappled watercolours from a minor British chamber composer [JW]

Gibbs: String quartets (Convivium Records)

Dedicated performances of attractive if not ultimately compelling music [NB]

Luca Brugnoli (treble) Rise Up (Convivium Records)

A somewhat flawed recital from a remarkable young singer with real potential [MSt]

Coleridge Requiem Gough Convivium CR081

Coleridge: Requiem (Convivium Records)

A very good recording of Matthew Coleridge’s beautiful Requiem [JQ]

Schubert mullerin CR063

Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin (Convivium Records)

Very touching – anyone with an inclination for the intimate format should definitely lend an ear to this [GF]

Dove Sappho CR076

Dove: Sappho sings (Convivium)

An excellent first recording of an attractive recent work by Jonathan Dove [JQ]

The Silver Swan (Convivium)

A clever conjoining of British song-writing contemporaries [JW]