Coleridge-Taylor: Partsongs (Delphian)

An enjoyable collection of partsongs [JQ]

Coleridge-Taylor Choral Works Orchid ORC100247

Coleridge-Taylor: Choral Works (Orchid Classics)

This collection of pieces, expertly performed, expands our knowledge of this short-lived composer [JQ]

Violin Concertos by Black Composers Barton Pine Cedille CDR90000214

Violin Concertos by Black Composers (Cedille)

The programme has lost none of its ground-breaking importance [SA]

coleridge-taylor piano welch

Coleridge-Taylor: Piano Works (Private release)

An album of piano music from the Edwardian age showing elegance and craftsmanship and performed with conviction [MSt]

homage lorelt

Homage (Lorelt)

The excitement of new discovery combined with passionate advocacy [DMD]