bloch posner claves

Bloch, Bruch & Dohnányi: Cello & Orchestra (Claves)

An impressive young cellist in an attractive programme [RWe]

Legende von Lerber Harp Claves CD503048

Légende – Solo harp works (Claves)

A consistently engaging anthology of ‘romantic’ music for solo harp, all perceptively played [GPu]

stamitz cello claves

C Stamitz: Cello Concertos (Claves)

(Déjà Review) Wonderfully wrought works, full of catchy, instantly memorable melody and magnificently harmonious [TM]

Turina: Serenata, String Quartet, Las Musas de Andalucía (Claves)

(Déjà Review) Each work is well worth hearing, and the Serenata is considerably more than that [CW]

JS Bach St John Passion Claves

J S Bach: St John Passion (Claves)

Despite some shortcomings, this is one of the better performances of the St John Passion [JV]

Bloch Bruch Dohnanyi Posner Claves CD503079

Bloch, Bruch & Dohnányi: Works for Cello & Orchestra (Claves)

Imaginatively programmed and superbly performed [DC]

Clarke, Britten & Bowen: British Music for Viola and Piano (Claves)

An international version of some very British works [SB]

Tchaikovsky:  Symphonies 5 & 6 (Claves)

A lyrical, transparent account of the Fifth with an interesting condensed finale, and a good Sixth of no special distinction [RMo]

American and English Orchestral Music (Claves)

A fascinating juxtaposition of the familiar and the unfamiliar [PJ]

Oboe Concertos from Bohemia (Claves)

(Déjà Review) An excellently planned programme [NHo]

Bach Cello Suites Quaresma Artway Next 12023

Bach: Cello Suites (Artway Records and Claves)

Two fine new accounts of Bach’s cello suites but the Artway issue is clearly preferable [RMo]

bach mass claves

Bach: Mass (Claves)

One of the best recordings with a small ensemble [JV]

studer legacy claves

Michael Studer (piano) The Legacy (Claves)

(Déjà Review) Buy it for the Bach, and become enthralled by the rest [DC]

Gaubert chamber Claves CD3059

Gaubert: Chamber Music (Claves)

Assured and attractive music by a major figure in the history of the flute, well played and recorded [GPu]

Bright day CD503053

The Bright Day is Done (Claves)

A day full of music, never a bad thing [RCh]