Château de Versailles

Collection Grands Motets No 9: Lully – Te Deum Vol 4 (Château de Versailles)

The final disc in a series of four devoted to Lully’s choral motets [JV]

Gloire immortelle! Grandes oeuvres patriotiques (Château de Versailles)

A pleasant romp through the realm of French patriotic music and beyond [MP]

Lully: Atys (Château de Versailles)

This will bring much pleasure to lovers of French Baroque [SG]

Vivaldi Four Seasons Plewniak Chateau de V CVS138

Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni (Château de Versailles)

Too strident for my liking [DJB]

Gilles: Messe des Morts (Château de Versailles)

Pleasant music in good but not exceptional performances [MP]

Couperin Les Concerts Royaux Château de Versailles CVS099

Couperin: Les Concerts Royaux (Château de Versailles)

Elegance and refinement were highly appreciated at the time, and that is exactly what we get here [JV]

Harpsichord of Louis XV Geoffroy CVS108

The Harpsichord of Louis XV (Château de Versailles)

Tradition and innovation in a compelling recital of French harpsichord music [JV]

Charpentier magnificat CVS098

Charpentier: Te Deum (Château de Versailles)

One of the main attractions of this disc is the magnificent De profundis [JV]

Lully: Benedictus (Château de Versailles Spectacles)

An impressive testimony of Lully’s skills as a composer of sacred music [JV]

Charpentier: David & Jonathas (Château de Versailles)

A staging of French baroque opera at its finest [MP]

Gluck echo CVS095

Gluck: Écho et Narcisse (Chateau de Versailles)

This recording is superb in every respect; nobody is likely to be disappointed by either the singing or the music [GF]

Monteverdi orfeo CVS080

Monterverdi: L’Orfeo Château de Versailles

An excellent production of a much-recorded opera that vies with the best [GF]

Desmarest: Circé (Château de Versailles Spectacles)

A French baroque opera exhumed in a tasteful and satisfying first recording [MP]

Couperin messe CVS083

Couperin: Messe Pour Les Paroisses (Château de Versailles)

A significant achievement in realisation of 18th century French music [MS]

Lully Psyche CVS086

Lully: Psyché (Château de Versailles Spectacles)

Rousset’s lively new version of Psyché offers the listener much pleasure [MP]

crown handel purcell versailles

The Crown (Château de Versailles Spectacles)

These performances of Handel’s Anthems are among the best that I have heard [JV]

Ténèbres et Abysse (Château de Versailles Spectacles)

Excellent and often exciting performances of partly little-known music [JV]

Vivaldi: La Senna festeggiante (Château de Versailles Spectacles)

If you have no recording of this work in your collection, this is a good choice [JV]

de Lalande: Les soupers du roi (Château de Versailles)

Lively and colourful performances of Louis XIV’s favourite music [JV]

Mozart Salieri requiem CVS078

Mozart & Salieri: Requiem (Chateau Versailles)

A very interesting pairing on a single CD but the performance achieves mixed results [MP]

Vivaldi parigi CVS065

Vivaldi: Concerti di Parigi (Château de Versailles)

Not a dull moment, thanks to Vivaldi and the engaging performances [JV]