Presti lagoya DHR8140

Ida Presti & Alexandre Lagoya (guitars) Vol. 2 (Doremi)

A valuable contribution to the recorded history of the classical guitar [ZT]

Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Greeting Cards (Naxos)

Intimate, sophisticated music, by turns lyrical and thoughtful, given excellent performances [GPu]

Presti Vol2 DHR8140

Ida Presti & Alexandre Lagoya (guitars) Vol. 2 (Doremi)

A second souvenir of the art of this guitar duo, with special emphasis on the youthful brilliance of Ida Presti [JW]

Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Piano Music (SOMM)

(Déjà Review) All credit to Bebbington and Somm for opening this stimulating door [RB]

Illustrazioni 20th Century Italian Piano Stradivarius STR37214

Illustrazioni (Stradivarius)

A fine recording explores the renewal and variety of Italian twentieth-century piano repertoire [JW]