Bru Zane

Bertin: Fausto (Bru Zane)

The first-ever Faust opera based on Goethe – and from a feminine perspective [PCG]

Bertin Fausto Rousset Bru Zane BZ1054

Bertin: Fausto (Bru Zane)

A long-lost operatic curiosity. Well-performed but recorded harshly, with no sense of stage atmosphere [MP]

Etoiles Poems BZ2007

Aux étoiles – French Symphonic Poems (Bru Zane)

A compact survey of favourites and unknowns beautifully presented and adroitly performed [JW]

Spontini: La Vestale (Bru Zane)

Far from ideal, but on balance the best of the French versions and its appeal is enhanced by excellent sound and conducting [RMo]

franck hulda bru zane

Franck: Hulda (Bru Zane)

This splendid recording reveals Franck’s opera to be a work of power and beauty [SB]

Spontini: La Vestale (Bru Zane)

Rousset and his team breathe new life into what is now the top choice recording for Spontini’s greatest opera [MP]

New Light on French Romantic Women Composers (Bru Zane)

A sumptuous box celebrates neglected women composers of the French Romantic era [JW]

Les Nuits de Paris (Bru Zane)

A fascinating glimpse into the world of late 19th century Paris, best consumed in small quantities [DJB]

Cherubini Les Abencérages Bru Zane BZ1050

Cherubini: Les Abencérages (Bru Zane)

This first studio recording of Cherubini’s Les Abencérages is especially valuable [MC]