Brilliant Classics

Margola violin 96652

Margola: Music for Violin, Piano & Orchestra (Brilliant Classics)

This disc provides a good opportunity to make the acquaintance of a talented and affable composer [GPu]

Deja Review Shostakovich Cpt Symphonies Barshai Brilliant 6278 1 11

Shostakovich: Symphonies Nos 1-15 (Brilliant Classics)

(Déjà Review) As a way to experience one of the greatest symphonic cycles of the 20th century this has to be an essential purchase at this price [DBi]

Mompou: Misteriós (Brilliant Classics)

Delicate and intimate music, so interpreted by a master guitarist [ZT]

sibelius symphonies brilliant

Sibelius: Symphonies (Brilliant Classics)

A fine set but compromised by comparatively lacklustre Second and Seventh Symphonies [RMo]

summer dreams brilliant

Summer Dreams – American Piano Duets (Brilliant Classics)

Intentionally slight music played with sensitivity and skill [NB]

Foucquet: Pièces de Clavecin (Brilliant Classics)

A production every lover of the harpsichord should investigate [JV]

Vivaldi: Sonatas for 2 Violins (Brilliant Classics)

Idiosyncratic performances of pared-down music by Vivaldi [CR]

Duarte: Works for Solo Guitar (Brilliant Classics)

More first recordings of John Duarte’s music, in performances of a particularly high standard [ZT]

Moore Tchaikovsky Complete Symphonies Pletnev Brilliant

Tchaikovsky: Complete Symphonies (Brilliant Classics)

Conducting, playing and engineering of the highest quality – subtle and thrilling in equal measure; a treasurable set [RMo]

Paradigma italy 96922

Paradigma Medioevo: Music from 14th-century Italy (Brilliant Classics)

This can be a good introduction to the 14th century Italian Ars nova [GH]

Grieg Violin Sonatas Brilliant 96949

Grieg: Violin Sonatas (Brilliant Classics)

A charming new version of Grieg’s attractive violin sonatas [SB]

bach shostakovich salvation brilliant

Bach & Shostakovich: Salvation (Brilliant Classics)

An unlikely concept that seems to work better than expected [NC]

Pejačević: Chamber music (Brilliant Classics)

A new recording highlights the lyricism and structural strength of Pejačević’s chamber music [JW]

Nocturnes 19th C Russia Brilliant 96966

Nocturnes from 19th century Russia, Volume 1 (Brilliant Classics)

A lovely collection that explores a rich seam of often neglected music and finds some real rarities [RCh]

Las Huelgas Codex, Vol 1 (Brilliant Classics)

The mediaeval Las Huelgas Codex, the first instalment, in no-nonsense interpretations [GH]

Corradini canzonas 96191

Corradini: Canzonas & Sonatas (Brilliant Classics)

A splendid calling card for a largely forgotten Cremonese master [RHa]

Montgeroult: Piano Sonatas (Brilliant Classics)

Remarkable piano sonatas but check whether you are happy with the fortepiano [SB]

Farrenc: Piano Trios, Cello Sonata (Brilliant Classics)

A good introduction to the chamber music of this underrated and under-recorded composer [DJB]

bach organ 96846

Bach: Organ transcriptions (Brilliant Classics)

Well-crafted transcriptions hampered by a performing style that is too often heavy and ponderous [NB]

Migot: Complete Works for Guitar (Brilliant Classics)

Little known Migot given a chance to breathe again … a Fauré-like lambency and warmth [RB]

Szabo piano 97104

Szabó: Complete solo piano works (Brilliant Classics)

A scarcely known composer is permitted an eloquent and at times disconcerting calling-card [RB]

Ugoletti: Three Concertos (Brilliant Classics)

Vividly emotional, verging on the cinematic … always moving and often telling [RB]

Vivaldi stravaganza 96614

Vivaldi: La Stravaganza (Transcriptions for Organ) (Brilliant Classics)

These transcriptions are nice complements to Bach’s arrangements [JV]

Nardini violins 96873

Nardini: Complete Music for 2 Violins (Brilliant Classics)

A well-deserved recognition of a neglected composer [JV]