BR Klassik

Strauss Frau 900219

Strauss: Die schweigsame Frau (BR Klassik)

A lovely supplement to the complete live recording in much better sound [RMo]

Mahler Symph 3 Jansons BR Klassik 900194

Mahler: Symphony No 3 (BR Klassik)

Flawlessly played, beautifully gauged and balanced and in spectacular sound, this is a lovely souvenir of the late Jansons’ prowess as a Mahler conductor [RMo]

Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique (BR Klassik)

A disappointingly dull reading in mediocre sound [RMo]

Mozart requiem 900117

Mozart: Requiem (BR Klassik)

A good, though not inspired version, which doesn’t compare to an earlier Jansons performance with the Concertgebouw [PT]

Mahler Symph 6 Rattle BR Klassik 900217

Mahler: Symphony No 6 (BR Klassik)

Sir Simon Rattle and his new orchestra’s Mahler Sixth in top-flight performance and recording [EJW]

Puccini canti 900349

Puccini: I Canti – Orchestral Songs (BR Klassik)

The youthful Puccini’s complete songs, robustly sung – and an even more pleasing trio of early orchestral pieces [RMo]

Verdi: I Lombardi alla prima crociata (BR Klassik)

An exciting, red-blooded performance, captured live in the clearest sound of any available version [MP]

Puccini songs 900349

Puccini: I Canti (BR Klassik)

A disc that no Puccini admirer can dispense with [GF]

Bruckner Symph 7-Nowak 1885 Haitink BR Klassik 900218

Bruckner: Symphony No 7 (BR Klassik)

Haitink displays remarkable consistency in this grand and spacious account [RMo]

Bruckner sym8 900212

Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 (BR Klassik)

Two disappointingly tame live performances [RMo]

Schubert Orch Songs Appl BRKlassik 900346

Schubert: Lieder with Orchestra (BR Klassik)

Rewarding orchestral versions of Schubert songs, most sensitively performed [SB]

br klassik hindemith cardillac

Hindemith: Cardillac (BR Klassik)

An excellent recording of a gripping but not loveable work [SB]

Puccini canti 900349

Puccini: I Canti (BR Klassik)

Charles Castronovo breathes new life to these smart orchestrations of Puccini’s piano songs [MC]

Wagner Siegfried Rattle BR Klassik 900021

Wagner: Siegfried (BR Klassik)

Simon Rattle’s traversal of the Ring finally reaches Siegfried, with highly recommendable results [PCG]

Wildsounds 1929 BR900350

1929: The Wild Sounds of the 20s (BR Klassik)

The luscious hot dance music of Eduard Künneke meets Eisler’s boring agit-prop [JW]

Verdi I Lombardi Munich RSO BR Klassik 900351

Verdi: I Lombardi alla Prima Crociata (BR Klassik)

The choral singing is first class, but the soloists are disappointing; the two old Gardelli recordings are better [GF]

Schubert: Lieder with Orchestra (BR Klassik)

For those interested in the idea of Schubert’s songs with orchestral accompaniment [GF]

Tchaikovsky Sym 5 Mehta BR Klassik 900207

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No 5 (BR Klassik)

These are striking performances of Tchaikovsky’s renowned Fifth Symphony and Liszt’s Mazeppa [MC]

br klassik hindemith cardillac

Hindemith: Cardillac (BR Klassik)

This concert performance of Cardillac makes a strong case for the opera [MC]

Bruckner Symp 4-Haitink BR Klassik 900213

Bruckner: Symphony No 4 (BR Klassik)

Another superlative rendering of a Bruckner symphony from Haitink [RMo]

ospald BRKlassik 900642

Ospald: Más Raíz, Menos Criatura (BR Klassik)

Tough music but shot through with passion and humanity [DMD]

Hindemith: Cardillac (BR Klassik)

A fine tribute to the late conductor which currently has the field to itself on CD [MP]

Mozart: Symphonies 39-41 (BR Klassik)

These performances do not quite achieve the vitality and focus of my benchmarks [MC]

Mahler sym7 900209

Mahler Symphony No. 7 (BR Klassik)

Haitink’s late trudge through Mahler’s Song of the Night [LD]