Ars Produktion

Kaleidoscope roman ARS38757

Kaleidoscope (Ars Produktion)

Some dazzling playing and wonderful rarities to be found in this engaging recital [RCh]

Winter Whispers: Ukrainian Piano Tales (Ars Produktion)

Simple music, but repeated listening brings rewards [SA]

Cesti cantatas ARS38640

Cesti: Cantatas (Ars Produktion)

Compelling performances of cantatas by a great composer of the 17th century [JV]

Guitar Divas – Heike Matthiesen (guitar) (Ars Production)

Guitar enthusiasts should invest in these beautiful melodies without delay [GF]

Leipzig String Trio: Passion (Ars Produktion)

Something of a mixed bag [SV]

Musikalische Perlen (Ars Production)

A delectable recital of music off the beaten track [GF]