Italie Mandolin ArcanaA552

Un air d’Italie: the mandolin in Paris in the 18th century (Arcana)

No-one with a fondness for the mandolin should miss this engaging disc [GPu]

Aretino Sabbato Sancto Arcana A551

Aretino: Sabbato Sancto – Lamentationes et Responsoria (Arcana)

The low tessitura and the slow tempi make these settings quite moving [JV]

Morricone Cinema Rarities Arcana A554

Morricone: Cinema Rarities (Arcana)

Enjoyable arrangements of some of Morricone’s less well-known film music, but suffering from a lack of variety [DJB]

frescobaldi and the south arcana

Frescobaldi and the South (Arcana)

A compelling recital which places Frescobaldi in his historical context [JV]

Fux: La corona d’Arianna (Arcana)

Cuts aside, a very fine performance of one of Fux’s works for the stage [JV]

secret pages arcana

Stefano Maiorana (theorbo) Secret Pages (Arcana)

A compelling juxtaposition of Baroque and contemporary music for theorbo [MS]

bach gamba arcana virtuosity grace

CPE and JC Bach: Viola da Gamba Sonatas (Arcana)

Virtuoso playing in superb repertoire – irresistible [DMD]

CPE and JC Bach VdG Sonatas Arcana A543

CPE and JC Bach: Viola da Gamba Sonatas (Arcana)

A captivating disc, which fully lives up to what its title promises [JV]

Queen favourites A527

The Queen’s Favourites (Arcana)

A highly entertaining disc to which the lover of wind music will regularly return [JV]

Splendours of the Gonzaga (Arcana)

Top-class performances by an excellent ensemble [JV]

Neri: Sonate da sonarsi con varij stromenti (Arcana)

Concerto Scirocco combines technical brilliance with a thorough understanding of the style of Neri’s time [JV]

Mozart in Milan (Arcana)

An engaging new performance of Mozart’s Exsultate, jubilate, plus works to set it in context [DF]

Dufay: L’alta bellezza (Arcana)

This disc is my first acquaintance with Alta Bellezza, and it is a most pleasant one [JV]