Alpha Classics

Mozart: Mozart, You Drive me Crazy! (Alpha Classics)

Attractive in every respect to lovers of Mozart, or of opera in general [GF]

Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagione & La Follia (Alpha Classics)

An electrifying rendition of the Four Seasons to set alongside Fabio Biondi’s [DJB]

Véronique Gens (soprano): Paysage (Alpha Classics)

Delightful lost treasures from French musical history [JF]

Philarmonica Le Consort Alpha 1011

Philarmonica (Alpha Classics)

A potentially interesting programme, but it tended to all blend together [DJB]

Charpentier & Desmarest: Te Deum (Alpha Classics)

Even if one does not need another Charpentier’s Te Deum, Desmarest’s setting deserves attention [JV]

Take3 Kopatchinskaja Alpha 772

Take 3 (Alpha Classics)

Uproarious music-making, not to be taken too seriously [LW]

strauss four last songs alpha

Strauss: Four Last Songs (Alpha Classics)

A thoughtful project and, as such, a significant addition to the discography of the Vier letzte Lieder [JQ]

Handel: Theodora (Alpha Classics)

A splendidly cohesive musically-rewarding example of integrated casting and performance [JW]

Piau reflet 1019

Sandrine Piau (soprano) Reflet (Alpha Classics)

An attractive programme of French orchestral songs that will provide much enjoyment, but there are better versions of the well-known songs [PT]

sibelius symphony alpha

Sibelius: Symphony No 4 (Alpha Classics)

A performance to convert the Sibelian reluctant to appreciate the bleak Fourth’s special qualities, in a death-laden programme complete with two superb companion pieces [RMo]

bartok concertos alpha

Bartók: Concertos (Alpha Classics)

This performance has completely revised my view of the Viola Concerto [DMD]

Philarmonica Le Consort Alpha 1011

Philarmonica (Alpha Classics)

Le Consort deserves praise for bringing the music by the mysterious Mrs Philarmonica to our attention [JV]

Rachmaninov Piano Alpha

Rachmaninov: Piano works (Alpha)

A treat for Rachmaninov enthusiasts [DMD]

rachmaninoff sonata alpha

Rachmaninov: Piano Sonata No 1 & Preludes (Alpha Classics)

The key release of Rachmaninov’s 150th anniversary year – a revelation [RWe]

Infinite Voyage Emersons Alpha 1000

Infinite Voyage (Alpha Classics)

Emerson Quartet’s farewell recording is rather special [LW]

bartok concertos alpha

Bartók: Concertos (Alpha Classics)

Characterful performances of familiar Bartók in a stunning vibrant recording [LW]

Infinite Voyage (Alpha Classics)

A fine send off for the Emerson Quartet at the top of their game [DMD]

Tubin kratt 1006

Tubin: Kratt (Alpha Classics)

An excellent survey of Polish and Estonian music in virtuoso performances by Estonia’s Festival Orchestra [GT]

Debussy: C’est l’extase, La mer (Alpha Classics)

The orchestrated Verlaine songs are delightful, La mer merely decent [SB]

Schubert: Die Schöne Müllerin (Alpha Classics)

Worth hearing for the sheer beauty of Krimmel’s voice alone [DMD]

Mozart: Piano Concerti No. 15-17 (Alpha Classics)

Sparkling and exuberant playing makes the most of these three Viennese concerti [RCh]

Bruckner: Symphony No.8 (Alpha)

An oddly bland and inconsistent account which in no sense challenges established favourite recordings [RMo]

Willis Mozart Alpha937

Sarah Willis (Horn) Mozart y Mambo (Alpha Classics)

A riotously enjoyable disc, the third in the amazing Sarah Willis’s series featuring Mozart Cuban-style [GPJ]

mon amant saint jean alpha

Mon amant de Saint-Jean (Alpha Classics)

A fascinating out-of-the-ordinary trip of nostalgia [GF]