Albéniz: Suites Iberia, Española & España (CAvi-Music)

Splendid piano music played most capably on the guitar [ZT]

Presti lagoya DHR8140

Ida Presti & Alexandre Lagoya (guitars) Vol. 2 (Doremi)

A valuable contribution to the recorded history of the classical guitar [ZT]

Albeniz Piano Music v9 Naxos 8573927

Albéniz: Piano Music, Vol 9 (Naxos)

An entertaining final volume worth hearing for the very short but unknown berceuse [RCh]

Albéniz: Henry Clifford (Decca)

(Déjà Review) Recommended for those looking for a vivid unfamiliar score to get their teeth into [LF]

Albeniz Iberia Hamelin Hyperion CDA67476-77

Albéniz: Iberia (Hyperion)

(Déjà Review) Sweep and clarity as well as Hamelin’s special brand of architectural understanding [JW]

Albéniz: Piano Suites (Piano Classics)

Delightful music in superior renditions [ZT]

Presti Vol2 DHR8140

Ida Presti & Alexandre Lagoya (guitars) Vol. 2 (Doremi)

A second souvenir of the art of this guitar duo, with special emphasis on the youthful brilliance of Ida Presti [JW]