Acte Préalable

polish quartets acte prealable

Polish String Quartets (Acte Préalable)

Too much programmatic conformity partially rescued by the engaging Rogowski [JW]

cieslak niepodlega acte prealable

Cieślak: Niepodległa (Acte Préalable)

Despite adventurous music for the chorus, Cieślak’s earnest oratorio is confrontational and somewhat gloomy [RHa]

Krzyzanowski piano acte prealable

Krzyżanowski: Piano Works Vol. 4 (Acte Préalable)

Best yet in the exploratory series of Krzyżanowski’s piano music [RCh]

bellini songs acte prealable

Bellini: Composizioni da Camera (Acte Préalable)

An enterprising collection of Bellini songs is unfortunately let down by less than ideal performances [PT]

scheller grain acte prealable

Scheller: Dead Grain (Acte Préalable)

Cold, creepy, crepuscular and clever – Scheller’s eerie sounds slither delightfully under the skin [RHa]

koczalski symphonic acte prealable

Koczalski: Symphonic Works Vol. 1 (Acte Préalable)

A long-running series throws up more compositional dilemmas [JW]

krzyzanowski piano acte prealable

Krzyżanowski: Piano Works Vol. 3 (Acte Préalable)

Another successful outing for this forgotten Pole [RCh]

Dobrzyński: Piano Works Vol 1 (Acte Préalable)

Finely crafted piano works in excellent performances bode well for this series [RCh]

stojowski piano acte prealable

Stojowski: Piano Works Vol. 1 (Acte Préalable)

An exciting and entertaining start to a series I have hoped for, for a long time [RCh]

fitelberg quartets acte prealable

Fitelberg: String Quartets (Acte Préalable)

Two striking and almost forgotten string quartets from a short-lived émigré Pole [JW]

bacewicz violinissimo AP0539

Bacewicz: Violinissimo (Acte Préalable)

A feast of varied music for violin(s) [GPu]