PAX (2L)

Beautifully recorded new choral music with a message [DC]

sommerro borders 2l

Sommerro: Borders (2L)

Three fascinating concertos from Norway [DC]

Trondheim Concertos 2L172SABD

The Trondheim Concertos (2L)

Superlative performances in demonstration sound quality [DC]

old hall ladymass 2l

An Old Hall Ladymass (2L)

Transcendent music, stunningly recorded [DC]

yggdrasil 2L170

Yggdrasil (2L)

A gloriously recorded and performed collection of songs for trees and nature [DC]

Thoresen arktis 2L169SABD

Thoresen: Lyden av Arktis (2L)

An Arctic artistic spectacular, but will you be convinced [DC]