Reinhold Glière – a Centenary Appreciation
by Alan Poulton

This book has had its existence since the late 1970s as an annotated typescript. Written for Triad Press it never achieved publication.

It speaks as of 1975 which is a long time ago. The literature on Glière has of course moved on as have the worklists; the internet has several opus numbered lists which are more complete than the ones in this book. It must be remembered that in 1975 there was no internet, few home computers, no New Grove or MGG, no compact discs, no downloads or streaming. That said, if we set aside a book of two in Russian, there is still (2024) no single book on Glière. This book’s lists of LPs and 78s can now seem quaint but they demonstrate how far we have moved on. A search on Amazon or ebay or indeed MusicWeb International will reveal.

As ever there is much to be gleaned from reading this book and a measure of insight – especially in Part 1, which you will look for in vain in the sources which have emerged since the days when Alan Poulton wrote this book.


Download the complete book here.